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Comparison:Deboth Army vs. Lord Arcanon's Crew

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This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.

This page highlights the differences between Deboth Army and Lord Arcanon's Crew

Deboth Army
Lord Arcanon's Crew


Deboth Army Lord Arcanon's Crew
Goal was to revive their master, Transcendenterfly God Deboth, and cause the mass extinction of humanity. Goal was to gain all of the captured criminals to build up an entire army, and then steal the Energems to take over the universe.
Knights were created by Hundred-Faced High Priest Chaos. They've had never create Neo-Geildon. Only Doomwing was created by Lord Arcanon with the Dark Energem's power on Zenowing. Snide was also indirectly created by Arcanon.
The Deboth Army is the show's only main villain faction.

Lord Arcanon's Crew and Sledge's Crew are the two villain factions of the show.

Their master was Transcendenterfly God Deboth. Their master is Lord Arcanon and Greenzilla was just an outlaw.
Their key members are themed by emotions. The emotion aspect had completely been dropped from Power Rangers entirely.
Their base was Deboth's petrified body. They were in outer space before for a while made a base out of Sledge's ancient warship before being overthrowned by the ship's owner.

DogoldCandelillaAigaron, and Luckyuro were Chaos' main henchmen along with Endolf . Icerondo and Killborero were the original knight's replacements.

Singe, Doomwing and his two musicians are Arcanon's main henchmen while Fury, Poisandra, Wrench, and Curio were his underlings before Sledge reassurped his leadership.  
The monsters were all created from Deboth's cells. The monsters were all intergalactic fugitives being wanted for bounty by Arcanon and captured by Sledge. 
Ferocious Knight D was the Deboth's evil ranger known as Deathryuger. Doomwing was Arcanon's evil Dino Charge Silver Ranger. 

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