This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.

This page highlights the differences between Debo Nagareboshi and Meteor.

Debo Nagareboshi


Debo Nagareboshi Meteor
Was created from Deboth's cells. Was an alien prisoner on Sledge's ship 65 million years ago.
Goal was to avenge Debo Hyogakki and Debo Viruson. Goal was to find the Purple Energem in New Zealand.
Was sealed away in a volcano. Was locked up on Sledge's ship like the other prisoners.
Was the first monster to be killed with Zyudenryu Bunpachy and later the first monster killed by Rocket Henkei Plezu-Oh. Was not the first monster to be killed with the Pachy Zord, as it was already introduced before the rangers fought him, with G-BO and Memorella being destroyed with the zord prior to him.
However, he was the first monster to be killed with the Plesio Charge Megazord after being revived.
Was revived alongside Debo Hyogakki and Debo Viruson. Was not revived alongside Iceage and Stingrage, as he had yet to be destroyed and they were revived to help him obtain the Purple Energem. He was, however, later revived on his own to help Fury capture the Plesio Zord.