This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between Dayu Usukawa/Usuyuki and Dayu/Dalia.

Dayu Usukawa/Usuyuki
Dayu Usukawa Dayu
In life, she was a woman named Usuyuki, who became a Gedoushu after burning down Shinza, a man she was obsessed with but who never loved her, during his wedding, and killing everyone at the party. In life, she was a woman named Dahlia, who was married to Deker. She was transformed into Nighlok after making a deal with Serrator to save Deker's life.
Shamisen's origin is Shinza's soul. Harmonium's origin is a guitar, a wedding gift from Deker.
Held respect for Juzo but never showed any aspects of love. Bound by her love for Deker both in life and in the afterlife.
Abandons Dokoku but returns to him due to realizing her only purpose was to ease him. Abandons Xandred but returns to him due to Serrator merely using her.
After being killed by Mako, she dies happy she was able to revive Doukoku. After being killed by Mia, she dies happy to return to Deker disacknowledging any connection she held with Xandred.