This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between Dark Merchant Biznella and Deviot.

Dark Merchant Biznella


Dark Merchant Biznella Deviot
Weapons merchant who works alongside the Space Pirates Balban. Traitorous general who works for both Scorpius and Captain Mutiny.
Was completely loyal to the Balban.

Ultimate ambition was to assist in reviving Daitanix.

Was loyal to Captain Mutiny, but very manipulative towards others. Lied to and betrayed others to get what he wanted.

Ultimate ambition was to gain the ultimate power by mutating in a cocoon meant for Trakeena.

Spoke with a very formal sounding voice. Spoke with a robotic sounding voice.
Mutates into an stronger form due to being thrown into Extreme Growth Extract. Mutates into a stronger form by using a spell from the Galaxy Book. Reverted to his original form after absorbing Rocketron's powers.
Died in battle against the Gingamen. Destroyed by Trakeena.
Was forced to grow by Battobas and was destroyed by Steel Seijuu GigaRhinos & GigaPhoenix When he and Trakeena fell into the mutating cocoon together, they merged, with Trakeena's personality remaining dominant.
Did not Revive the Jaden Sentai Neziranger. Revived The Psycho Rangers.
Did not battle the Megaranger. Battled the Space Rangers.
Lasted 18 episodes. Lasted 20 episodes.