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Comparison:Dark King Zylpheeza vs. Diabolico

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This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.

This page highlights the differences between Dark King Zylpheeza and Diabolico.



Zylpheena Diabolico
Was the second child of Grand Witch Grandiene Was not related to Queen Bansheera
Was the older brother of Beast Baron Cobolda Was a good friend of Loki
Wasn't successfully revived until near the finale at the cost of Denus's life. Was revived shortly after his death by Loki and Vypra just after Olympius tried to kill them.
Wasn't aware that Salamandes was his younger brother Drop until the finale when Shou and Nagare informed him of this. Was aware after his revival that Olympius was previously Impus.
Turns against Grandiene in the finale but was possessed by her and had to be killed Turns against Queen Bansheera and though killed in the end Diabolico's spirit helps the Lightspeed Rangers to seal her in the end.

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