This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between Daimaou and Master Vile.

Master Vile


Daimaou Master Vile
Demonic being from earth. An all evil and powerful ruler of the Yokai. Alien being. An all evil and powerful integalactic ruler of the M51 Galaxy.
Father of Gasha Skull and has no relation to Witch Bandora. Father of Rito Revolto and Rita Repulsa.
Permanently took over leadership over the Yokai from Gasha Skull, until his ultimate defeat in the finale. Temporarily took over leadership over the Evil Space Aliens. Ultimately left them to return to his home galaxy, as he was fed up about his plans constantly foiled by the Power Rangers
Never directly interacted with Gasha Skull, as he was destroyed before Daimaou emerged from the underworld. Directly interacted with Rito Revolto.
Spoke with a harsh, gruff voice. Spoke with a voice of that of an elderly man.
Treated his own son like a pawn. Never treated any of his own family like pawns.
Main enemy of the Kakurangers. Had minions face the Alien Rangers once, but left after the initial battle; never faced the Alien Rangers directly.
Cannot be killed due to being the embodiment of hate. Violence would only strengthen him. Instead, he was sealed back in the underworld. Made no appearances in Ohranger and Megaranger. Has appeared briefly in Zeo and then has presumably been killed or turned human by the Z Wave in Power Rangers in Space's Countdown to Destruction.
Older brother of Yama-uba. No stated relationship to Dischordia.