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Comparison:Closing Act: The Samurai Sentai is Eternal vs. Samurai Forever

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This article is about a/an comparison of episodes in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.

This page highlights the differences between Closing Act: The Samurai Squadron is Eternal and Samurai Forever.

Shinkenger Finale
Super Samurai Finale


The Samurai Squadron is Eternal Samurai Forever
The Double Disc was given to the Shinkengers in regards to Tanba The Double Disc was given to the Samurai Rangers in regards to Mr. Shiba
Dokoku's first life was defeated by Ryunosuke using the Fire Mojikara Disc Master Xandred's first life was defeated by Jayden in Shogun Mode. Though before this happens, Kevin used the Shiba Fire Disc on Xandred.
The Shinkengers stayed their normal lives at the end of the episode. The Samurai Rangers did fun stuff while Jayden stayed at the Shiba House at the end.
Shinkengers entered Samurai Ha-Oh already in civilian form Samurai Rangers entered Samurai Gigazord already morphed and demorphed willingly half way through the battle

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