This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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Gokai Red/Super Megaforce Red

This page highlights the differences between Captain Marvelous and Troy Burrows.

Super Megaforce Red


Marvelous Troy
Was recruited and mentored by AkaRed as part of the Red Pirates alongside Basco ta Jolokia, without any connections to Master Head. Was recruited by Gosei. AkaRed and Basco don't exist in Power Rangers at all.
Is seeking the Ranger Keys & Greater Powers of the past Sentai for the Greatest Treasure in the Universe. Uses the Legendary Ranger Keys as a way to combat The Armada.
Met his teammates one by one. Met his teammates at the same time (with the exception of Robo Knight and Orion).
Was not Gosei Red prior to becoming Gokai Red. Was the Red Megaforce Ranger prior to obtaining Super Megaforce mode.
Has only one Power Rangers counterpart. Has two Sentai counterparts. (The other one is Alata)
Is not from Earth. Is from Earth.
Can transform into Gosei Red via his Ranger Key. Default ranger form is Red Megaforce Ranger.
Gokai Red is his default ranger form. Becomes Super Megaforce Red after transforming into Megaforce Red.
Wasn't keen on saving Earth (at first). Wanted to save Earth after being recruited by Gosei.
Is an anti-hero: initially fights Zangyack for selfish reasons. Is a hero: fights the villains for selfless reasons.
Did not appear in any extra seasons. Appeared in Power Rangers HyperForce.