This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between Brajira of the Messiah and Vrak.



Brajira Vrak
Secretly a fallen Gosei angel, and was a part of five major villain groups. Openly an alien prince and second in line to the throne of his royal family, but was only a part of four major villain groups.
Used Camoumirage to disguise himself in various guises for each faction. His forms serve as different battle armors and as suits to blend with the beings he is around at each respective time.
Has five forms, one for each faction (Warstar, Yuumajuu, Matrintis, Ayakashi, and his natural form). Has four known forms. One used among the standard Agent form used around Warstar, an Earth Armor used around the Mutants, a cyborg form given to him by Metal Alice, and his true form, which appears in Super Megaforce.

Also, Vrak never met Octoroo nor gain a Nighlok form.

Gosei Knight was originally one Brajira's Headders, Groundion. Has no relations with Robo Knight, though Vrak wants Robo Knight to serve him and he succeeds in doing so in the two parter of Super Megaforce, Vrak Is Back.
Somehow escaped the destruction of the Indevader and released the Yuumajuu. Was left trapped in the Warstar Mothership as it blew up, though he barely survived; the Toxic Beasts are long gone by this time.
Was imprisoned by his Yuumajuu comrades due to his recklessness when trying to obtain the Abare Headder by himself. Was never imprisoned by the Toxic Mutants due to him not staying with the toxic beasts for quite a long time.
Related to Space Empire Zangyack (except Warz Gill and Ackdos Gill) via Black Cross King. Vekar is his older yet impulsive, jealous brother, Emperor Mavro is his father who considers him the favorite son in the family, and he is the intermediary of The Warstar Insectoid Army and The Armada Empire.
Was nether the creator nor the founder of the Machine Onslaught Empire Matrintis but did steal the Terminal as his personal lair and then renamed it the Labyrindal because Robogog of the 10-sai is around and the leader of the Matrintis. Is the creator and founder of the Robots, and has built his Underwater Laboratory before then since The Messenger is not around and not the leader of the Matrintis.
Planned on using Universal Annihilation Army Warstar until he had no more need of them. Actively plotted on usurping Malkor's power to take over Warstar.
Resurrected by the Black Cross Führer in Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle after the former Sentai villain is resurrected by Zangyack, where he is defeated once again. Re-emerged during Power Rangers Super Megaforce as a wild card for the conquering of Earth.
Bisected by Alata's Red Dynamic but survives long enough to sacrifice himself to empower his wedges. Bisected by Troy's Infinite Sky Strike and dies, causing his drills to disappear.