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This page highlights the differences between Bomber the Great  and Louie Kaboom

Bomber the Great
Louie Kaboom


Bomber Louie
A Machine Beast who was exiled by the Machine Empire Baranoia No connection to the Machine Empire prior to his creation
No connection to previous Sentai villains Created by Rita and Zedd in hopes to take control of the Machine Empire.
Had challenged and blew up Buldont, before banishing him and Hysteria into space. Banished both Sprocket and Machina.
Crushed by both Buldont & Multiwa before being forced to fight the Ohranger. Brainwashed by Archerina in order to fight the Zeo Rangers.
After his final defeat, returned to his original missile mode to destroy the sun before being stopped once and for all by Gunmazin. Destroyed after his final defeat.
Lasted 7 episodes. Lasted 5 episodes.

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