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This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.

This page highlights the differences between Bara Gūsuka and Somnibot.

Bara Gūsuka
[[|B. Gūsuka/Somnibot]]


Bara Gusuka Somnibot
Used its presence to put people and machines to sleep by simply repeating its name over and over; upgraded twice by both Kotaro Henna & Acha. Could sing a lullaby to put people and machines to sleep with no mention of hypnosis or servomotor movement; only upgraded once by Klank and Orbus.
Was male. Was female.
His powers were very destructive, causing lots of carnage and property damage. Her spell could cause the deaths of thousands of people, but she was stopped before she could do so.
Powers initiated by servomotor movement, which causes hypnosis. Powers initiated as a music-based sleeping spell via singing (Zordon mentions a brainwave frequency that must be altered or terminated).
Was initially dismissed by Bacchus Wrath for having "silly and stupid powers" and for "being lazy" (which Bacchus considered a weakness, punishable by death), but Hysteria suggests using him on the humans instead. Was approved of by Mondo with the belief that everyone in Angel Grove will be put to sleep during the daytime after hearing Somnibot's lullaby. She was approved even by Machina too.
Had three forms. Had two forms.
Speaks and sings with childish voice that sounds tough in final form. Speaks and sings with childish voice that sounds maternal initially, then tough in final form.
His eyes do not glow when he initiates his powers. Her eyes glow brilliantly (first red in US footage, then light violet to bright white in Ohranger footage) when she sings her cradle song.
Used his powers in an attempt to put the Ohrangers to sleep; KingRanger unaffected until later on. She sings a lullaby in an attempt to put the Zeo Rangers to sleep; Gold Ranger affected as well.
Final form defeated by Paku chewing through the wire of his amplifier. Final form defeated with her power shorting out courtesy of Alpha 5.
Killed by King Pyramidder Battle Formation, and is never seen or heard of again. Destroyed by Zeo Ultrazord, but was resurrected by Gasket, in her initial form, to be an audience member in his arena.

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