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This page highlights the differences between Armor of Darkness and Zeltrax.

Armor of Darkness


Cursed Armor Zeltrax
An inanimate suit of armor from Dino Earth that turns whoever wears it insane, causing them to kill anyone in sight. Whoever defeats its wearer will become the new wearer. This suit had multiple owners over the course of the series. A cyborg warrior working for Mesogog. Was previously a human scientist named Terrence Smith. A lab accident left him badly injured, but was rebuilt into a cyborg by Mesogog.
Held no particular rivalry towards anyone, because it was an inanimate object. Its primary wearer, Jannu, did have a rivalry with Askua. Was an arch rival to Tommy Oliver, because he felt the lab accident was Tommy's fault.
Was worn by Asuka, then Geildon, then Jannu, then Asuka once again before it was destroyed when two people defeated it resulting in it dissolving when it bound to Mikoto's body. Since Zeltrax wasn't a suit of armor, he wasn't worn by anyone.
Dezumozorlya later created his own version of the Armor of Darkness through Asuka and Mahoro's fears that was used as an avatar for Dezumozorlya in the final battle. Was powered up into Super Zeltrax through the water from the Tree of Life. Was destroyed before the final battle with Mesogog.