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" It's Mutant time! (evil laugh) "
―Commander Crayfish[src]

Commander Crayfish was a crayfish monster that led the Mutant Rangers (whom were Putties using the Badges of Darkness). He was chosen to lead the Mutant Rangers when no Putty was worthy of becoming the Red Mutant Ranger, being entrusted with the power of the Red Badge of Darkness. He wielded a similar version of the Red Ranger's Power Sword. The Ultrazord was able to destroy Commander Crayfish and the Blue, Green, and Black Mutant Rangers simultaneously. He was the last monster grown giant by using only Rita's wand.only to be destroyed along with his comrades by the Ultrazords laser blasts.

He was recreated by Lord Zedd along with Goo Fish, Slippery Shark, and Pirantishead in "A Reel Fish Story" as one of the four aquatic monsters to attack the Rangers at the beach (he was referred to as "Cruel Crayfish" this time). He, like the other three monsters, was defeated by Tommy. During this appearance, Commander Crayfish had a female voice.


  • Commander Crayfish comes from what is commonly referred to as "Zyu2" footage, and was not seen in the original ZyuRanger.
  • Commander Crayfish does a pose similar to the Mighty Morphin Red Ranger while he leads the Mutant Rangers.