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This article is about a/an monster in Dai Sentai Goggle V.

Coelacanth Mozoo (シーラカンスモズー Shīrakansu Mozū?, 21) is the coelacanth-theme Synthetic Beast of the Dark Science Empire Deathdark

Character History

This Mozoo possesses a breath that turns anyone caught with it into fossils. He used it on water, fossilizing fishes and plans to do it on the sea, but this plan was thwarted by Goggle Red who located his base. Goggle V used Goggle Victory Flash. Then showed up was Coelacanth Kong to bring back Coelacanth Mozoo back to life. He turned Goggle V Robo into a fossil. Final defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut after Goggle V used Hand Missile.


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He can emit a powder from his mouth that fossilized organisms and objects, has reinforced scales around his body that act like chain-mail,and can turn himself into a coelacanth.

Behind the Scenes


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