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Clash for Control is the fourteenth episode of Power Rangers Time Force and it is the second episode of the Quantum Ranger arc.


Eric and Wes follow Commandocon back in time, where they all struggle for control of the Quantasaurus Rex. The mutant prevails, and takes the Q-Rex to present day Silver Hills to wreak havoc. The Rangers cannot defeat the Q-Rex with their Zords, but Eric breaks it free of the Commandocon's control and uses it to destroy the mutant.


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  • Eric becomes the leader of the Silver Guardians.
  • When Eric and Wes are about to hit the edge of the cliff when running from the T-Rex, for a brief moment Eric regains his hat and headset, but then returns hatless and no headset.
  • At the end of Part 1, the ending was re-modified due to 9/11. In the original airing of this episode, while Q-Rex roars, it knocks down a couple of buildings with smoke and explosions on scene. In the later post-9/11 version, it closes with a shot of the Q-Rex standing behind buildings, with some smoke.
    • Shout! Factory also mentioned that the original uncut version of the episodes were apparently destroyed, making the chances of the future releases look bleak.
  • First appearance of the Q Rex Megazord & Shadow Force Megazord Mode Red.

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