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This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Time Force.

Cinecon is a Mutant Director on the two part episode Movie Madness. He got brought in by the Shadow Force Megazord mode blue, Quantasaurus Rex and Transwarp Megazord.

Cinecon's power came from his movie script. Whatever was written in the script would happen, and whatever was not written in the script would not no matter what. He was able to force the Transwarp Zord to appear in present time and had rendered himself invincible because he had written that he would win.

The only way to beat Cinecon was to remove pages from the script. When Trip took the last page with his victory on it out of the folder Cinecon no longer had total control. Since they were now 'off script' the Rangers could attack him freely and freeze him. With attacks from the Q-Rex and Transwarp Megazord weakening him, the Shadow Force Megazord Mode Blue was able to finish the job.

Mutant Seal Patch Location:


  • Cinecon's appearance appears to be based on the famous movie director Steven Spielberg.
  • His human form was played by Harvey Shain.

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