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This article is about a/an ally in Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Season 2.

Choko Nagakawa (永川 蝶子 Nagakawa Chōko?) is a popular idol in Akihabara nicknamed Choco-tan (ちょこたん Chokotan?). Luna Iwashimizu proposes for Choko to be Akiba Pink, the fourth Akibaranger but idea was rejected by Akagi with the reason that Choko-tan is busy as an idol and she does not have time to have delusions with them.

During the Akibarangers' delusional battle with Yuru-Chara Jigen, Choco-tan appears and attacks the monster. When she want to finish Yuru-Chara Jigen for good, Akiba Red protects the monster. She zapped into an okra, a thing that she dislikes. While the real world, she turns into an Oneeder. She returns to normal after Akiba Red defeats Yuru-Chara Jigen.


Choco-tan with her staff

Behind the scenes


Choko Nagakawa is portrayed by Moe Wakaki (若木 萌 Wakaki Moe?).


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