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This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Mystic Force.

Chimera is a composite monster. He has three talking faces and they are its main face (which also had a small vampire bat-like face on top of it which actually appears to be its tail biting its head) a chameleon woman-like face, and a bull face. Chimera also has Dark Troll's left arm with claws on its fingers, Screamer's feathers, Clawbster's feet, a lobster-like face on its neck, a lion-like face on its chest, and an eastern dragon head for a right arm.

Character History

Imperious created Chimera in the Dimension of Wandering Souls, from the souls of all the warriors Leanbow had defeated. The monster then did battle with Daggeron, and helped Imperious defeat him. Chimera then went to the Human World, and butted into the battle between the Rangers and Koragg. The monster was too powerful for the Mystic Force Rangers, even with their Legend Powers. After defeating them, Chimera ordered Koragg to send the Rangers to the Underworld. Heir Apparent

After Leanbow saved the Rangers and Udonna, he transported them to another dimension. Though Imperious, Necrolai, and Chimera soon caught up with them. The teens morphed and battle Chimera again, without their Legend Powers. But again Chimera proved to be too powerful. He was only stopped for a short while when Solaris Knight came to the rescue on Brightstar, the Unicorn. The Unicorn then transported the Rangers back to the Human world, and Imperious sent Chimera after them. In the Human world, Chimera grew to giant size. The Red Ranger used Brightstar, morphed them both to Titan Zord form, and combined together to form the Phoenix Unizord. The new Megazord battled Chimera, and the other Rangers formed the Mystic Dragon to join in the battle. However, the Mystic Dragon soon fell to Chimera's power. The Centaurus Wolf Megazord then showed up during the battle, and waited to fight the Phoenix Unizord. The Unizord was able to gather all the strength needed, and use the Final Strike attack to destroy Chimera for good. Heir Apparent


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Modus and Arsenal

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  • Chimera has parts of Dark Troll, Clawbster, and Screamer. This may indicate they were previously destroyed by Leanbow and revived by magic.

Behind the Scenes

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