This article is about a/an set of villainous foot soldiers in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.

The Chillers are Flurious' foot soldiers. They shatter when defeated. They can also freeze things with their cold blasting ability. They usually make grunting noises. When Flurious destroys them, they turn into snow. They are usually created through chiller stones. They worked for Moltor briefly in "Just Like Me", when Norg brought chiller stones in exchange for residence in Moltor's volcano. They were all destroyed in "Crown and Punishment".


  • In the Power Rangers Operation Overdrive toyline, the Chillers are referred to as 'Evil Space Aliens', instead of Chillers, despite not having anything to do with Rita and Zedd's group of villains. This is because 'Evil Space Alien' is a general term used by Bandai when releasing villains before they are explicitly named in the show.
  • Chillers is based on the Warrior Wheel in Power Rangers Zeo.

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