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The Demon's Scheme (悪魔の策略 Akuma no Sakuryaku) is the forty-seventh episode of Seijuu Sentai Gingaman. It is the fourth episode of the final Earth Demon Beast arc, concluding Hikaru's rivalry with Dark Merchant Biznella and featuring a key move by Wisdom Tree Moak which will lead to the next episode.


Biznella sets up a trap in order to lure Gingaman into their own destruction while pursuing the Earth Demon-Beast, which only Hikaru can prevent from going off.


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  • In the Power Rangers version, in order for Deviot to become a mutant, he used the Galaxy book and chants the Keonta Spell. In Gingaman, Hikaru (as GingaYellow) sword slashes Biznella and Biznella falls into a green slime pit of Extreme Growth Extract.
  • There were some footage shots of this episode's first half featured in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy 's "Grunchor on the Loose". while its' climax footage was featured in Enter the Lost Galaxy".

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