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This article is about a/an auxillary zord in Power Rangers Dino Thunder.


The Cephalazord is a purple auxiliary Zord patterned after an Pachycephalosaurus. It can form a battering ram weapon for the Thundersaurus Megazord.

Cephala Dino Morpher

on the Dino Morpher.

Megazord Formations

Thundersaurus Megazord Cephala Power Punch

See also: Bakuryuu Bachycelonagurus

The Cephala Power Punch was formed with the Thundersaurus Megazord. It would first show the megazord in a boxing ring and use a punching attack like a spring with the tail going back and forth along with the head.

Cephala Power Punch/Dimetro Saw Blade

See also: Bakuryuu Bachycelonagurus

The Cephalazord and Dimetrozord can combine with the Dino Stegazord to give it access to the Cephala Power Punch and Dimetro Saw Blade attacks.

Other Combinations

See Also

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