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This article is about a/an morpher in Power Rangers RPM.
Cell Shift Morpher
Used by: Ranger Operators
Produced by: Doctor K (character)
Special System: Engine Cells
Production Order
Rhino Morpher
Rev Morpher

"RPM, Get in Gear!"

RPM Morphing

The Rangers activate their Cell Shift Morphers.

Cell Shift Morpher is a device used by the Ranger Operators Red, Blue and Yellow. It has other various functions such as communicating with other Rangers and summoning the various Zords and Megazords (similar to the Wild Force Growl Phones, the Mystic Morphers and the Overdrive Trackers). The Cell Shift Morphers were also used in conjunction with the Wheel Blasters to pilot the Zord Attack Vehicles.

Like the Chrono Morphers, they use DNA signatures, however, unlike those Morphers the bond is permanent.

Summoning High Octane Megazord Sequence

Morphing Sequence

They are able to morph by inserting a morphing Cell Chip and using the command phrase "RPM, Get In Gear!". The sequence themselves has the three run through a track and passing through panels which forms the suit then skidding to a halt where their seat belts and helmets are then applied.

Power Rangers R.P.M00:55

Power Rangers R.P.M. - Rangers Morph 1

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