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This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Mystic Force.

The Boney is a werewolf/ghoul-like beast that only makes a minor appearance in the episode "Petrified Xander".

Character History

When Xander and Vida found the cave for the Fire Heart, they had to choose between two doors, in order to find the Fire Heart. Vida chose correctly with Door #1, however Xander was curious as to what was behind #2 and opened it. This Cave Beast was behind that door. By opening the second door, Xander unleashed this monster. Vida and Xander quickly morphed and battled Boney. Thanks to the Pink Ranger's Magi Staff Tornado Attack, Boney was quickly destroyed.


Boney is a violent creature that will attack any one in it's path

Powers and Abilities


  • Fists: While lacking in weapons, this monster can battle with its own bear hands.


  • Of the monsters in Mystic Force, Boney is definitely the weakest monster in the show, as it lacks any other power's other then fighting with it's fist, gets destroyed in one hit by the Pink Ranger's Magi Staff Tornado Attack, and lacks a giant form.
  • As of with both the Dark Troll and the Giant Spider, it is unknown if this creature works for Morticon.

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