This article is about a/an set of zords in Power Rangers S.P.D.
The Power Rangers S.P.D. Zords
Power Rangers S.P.D.
Used by: B-Squad Rangers/S.P.D. Rangers
Core Machines: Delta Runners, S.W.A.T. Flyers
Zord System
Production Order
Zords (Dino Thunder)
Zords (Mystic Force)

This page lists all the battle machines known as zords used by the B-Squad Rangers/S.P.D. Rangers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Power Rangers S.P.D. series page as well as the team page of the B-Squad Rangers/S.P.D. Rangers.


The zords in Power Rangers: S.P.D. were law-enforcement vehicles, designed by researchers working for Space Patrol Delta, notably Dr. Kat Manx. They were as follows:

Delta Max/Omega System

S.W.A.T. System

Delta System

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