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This article is about a/an villain Group in Power Rangers Megaforce.
Warstar (Megaforce)
Led by: Admiral Malkor
Generals and other Notable Members: Creepox, Vrak
Monster Types: Insectoid Monsters
Base: Warstar Spaceship
Allies: Bigs,
Bluefur, Metal Alice and The Armada
Grunts/Footsoldiers: Loogies,
Battled: Mega Rangers
Coexisted with: Toxic Mutants, Robots and The Armada
Chronological/Production Order
Toxic Beasts
"Humans are used to the small, harmless insects on their planet. Wait until we land. We are the future! We will squash these humans and take this Earth for ourselves!"
―Admiral Malkor[src]

The Warstar is a powerful military organization and are the main antagonists of Power Rangers Megaforce. They are comprised mainly of Insectoids and encompass a significant diversity of insect-like alien species. They are led by Admiral Malkor, with his second-in-commands being Creepox, his top general, and Vrak, his main tactician. The latter is also a member of the royal army, The Armada, and acts as the main herald and intermediary between the two armies. They went to Earth in hopes to conquer it and herald the arrival of the alien Armada.

G1toon starscream thrashed
Insectoid Warstar Symbol


The Insectoids went to conquer Earth and its Solar System in order to strip them of their natural resources for their own ends and further expand the reach of the Warstar. However, the insect invasion was unexpectedly deterred by the Mega Rangers.

After many onslaughts ended as foils and, one by one, their Insectoid allies were destroyed by the Mega Rangers, Malkor grew tired of failures and warned Creepox and Vrak he would not accept any more mistakes from either of them.

Instigated by this, and with his patience also withered away by the humans and the delay of the insect invasion, Creepox then went to attack Earth and deal with the Mega Rangers after he was incited to do so by Vrak.

After Creepox met his end, Malkor sent Vrak to form an alliance between the Insectoids and the Toxic Mutants, only to come to face a new enemy: Robo Knight.

After Bigs and Bluefur were defeated, Vrak established an underwater lair and created Metal Alice.

As the Armada approached, Malkor rested in his cocoon, leaving Vrak in full command. Vrak had Metal Alice perform a few onslaughts, but failed.

Sooner than expected, Malkor emerged from his cocoon, now far stronger than before. He had planned on battling the Rangers and have Vrak to land the Warstar Ship on Earth. However, his plan failed when the Rangers used the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord to blast Malkor into the Warstar Spaceship, resulting in an explosion and marking the end of the Insectoids.

Unfortunately for the Rangers, Vrak's remains were later salvaged by Metal Alice so that his body could be rebuilt in a cyborg state. When Metal Alice and The Messenger were defeated, Vrak ordered the beginning of the invasion of The Armada and left the scene to conceal himself from possibly being mistaken for an enemy by his brother, Vekar.


  • Admiral Malkor - Warstar Leader and Admiral
  • Creepox - Warstar General and Second-in-Command
  • Vrak - Warstar Herald and Intermediary
  • Loogies - Insectoid Grunt Army
  • Zombats - Size-Growing Drones



  • Scaraba - Insectoid Soldier
  • Yuffo - Insectoid Scientist and Experimenter
  • Virox - Insectoid Contaminator
  • Dragonflay - Insectoid Sprinter
  • Beezara - Insectoid Amazon and Royal Queen Warrior
  • Dizchord - Insectoid Musician


  • This is the second time the villainous factions in the corresponding Sentai and Power Rangers have the same name, with the first one being Gaoranger/Wild Force, with the Orgs.
  • Creepox, Malkor and Vrak would later call their kind as Insectoids. This would make Warstar their organization's name, not the name of their species.

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