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Tsukumogami (ツクモガミ, Tsukumogami) are Dark Shadow's monsters. It's said that ancient objects, due to their long existence, come to possess "life-force" which, through hidden ninja techniques and sutras, can be combined with another object, giving birth to the Tsukumogami. Gekkou of Illusions's technique is called Shadow Ninja Art: Tsukumogami Transformation Jutsu (影忍法ツクモガミ変化の術, Kage Ninpō Tsukumogami Henge no Jutsu). When a Tsukumogami is defeated, Gekkou executes the Shadow Ninja Art: Oogami Transformation Jutsu (影忍法オオガミ変化の術, Kage Ninpō Oogami Henge no Jutsu), using sutra to transform the Tsukumogami into a giant version called a Oogami.


OO Ultrog


Jougami (ジョウガミ, Jōgami, 3): Created from an antique lock and new data disks to support Shizuka of the Wind in retrieving the Three Blades of National Leadership. He could walk through portals that he made in walls and hack through computers. He wielded a sword made from a combination of two of the Blades. He was defeated by the Boukengers' Climax Shoot, tried but failed to squash an engineer who had deceived him and Shizuka with a fake (which had the auctioneer's mug shot on it), lost the advantage after DaiBouken used the GoGo Sword—powered by the third sword (the engineer wore it around his waist and threw it as hard as he could into DaiBouken’s hand) — to split his own sword, and was ultimately terminated by DaiBouken’s Adventure Drive. "Jou" (錠, Jō) means "lock" in Japanese. It is based on Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger's Karakuri Giant Senpuujin. Was used for "Ultrog" in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.


OO Bombardo


Takumigami (タクミガミ, Takumigami, 5): Created from an old arquebus and a new factory, he possessed the power to ingest blueprints and use the design to alter his body. He managed to ingest the Imperial Pearl (which fell into the hands of a young boy for a time) to assume the form of the Biopanzer until he was debilitated by the GoGo Shovel's Shovel Swing, forcing him to vomit the bit. He was then turned into an Oogami and was terminated by DaiBouken Shovel's Shovel Knuckle. "Takumi" (匠, "Takumi") means "craftsman" in Japanese. He is based on Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger's Karakuri Giant Gouraijin. Was used for "Bombardo" in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.


OO Big Mouth Monster


Kawazugami (カワズガミ, Kawazugami, 9): Created from an old purse and a new vacuum cleaner, ending his sentences with "geko-geko". Has the ability of Cyclone suction to absorb objects and save them in money pouches; After being defeated by the Dual Crasher Combination Crash (used by BoukenRed) and being restored, he gobbled part of an elderly woman's house (taking the woman herself), but Masumi Inou used the GoGo Crane (with assistance from DaiBouken, which forced Kawazugami's huge mouth wide open) to free the hostage (and the part of her house that he swallowed). Kawazugami was subsequently terminated by DaiBouken Drill and Crane's Lift-Up Strike. "Kawazu" (蛙, "Kawazu") means "toad" in Japanese a pun due to purses being compared to a toad's mouth (がま口, gamaguchi) in Japan. He is based on Gekisou Sentai Carranger's Victrailer. Was used for "Big Mouth Monster" in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.


Kanadegami (カナデガミ, Kanadegami, 12): Created from an antique fire stove bellows and a new speaker to retrieve the Pipes of Hamelin, he even used the silver one to make Masumi, Souta Mogami, and Natsuki Mamiya fight Satoru and Sakura Nishihori, but this was soon reversed. He used the pipe to transform children into a power source that would create an enormously powerful Precious, but the children were saved by Sakura and Natsuki. Defeated by the Dual Crasher (wielded by BoukenPink) and terminated by Super DaiBouken. "Kanade (奏でる, Kanaderu)" means "to play a sound" in Japanese. He is based on Mirai Sentai Timeranger's V-Rex Robo. Was used for "Amplifier Monster" in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.


OO Camera Monster


Nendogami (ネンドガミ, Nendogami, 14): Created from old dark clay and a new camera. Able to change his own figure freely like clay, create grenades from his clay, with his camera arm able to change memories and dreams in people's minds, as well as able to change existence itself. He was disguised as Natsuki's younger sister "Miria" (although it is not known whether there is such a person), and planted fake memory in Natsuki, as well as giving her a bracelet exactly like her own, which turned out to be a mind controlling device. Natsuki, who was deceived, pounced on Masumi and the other Boukengers. It was only Masumi admitting his love for Natsuki and the destroying of the bracelet that freed her. After being defeated by the Dual Crasher (used by BoukenYellow), the giant Nendogami tried to avoid being terminated by Super DaiBouken by taking Masumi's human form, thinking that because he looked like Masumi, the Boukengers wouldn't attack him, but this desperate act was in vain. Natsuki wasn't fooled, as she instantly realized that Masumi was sitting right next to her, and was not normally over 30 stories tall. "Nendo" (粘土, "Nendo") means clay in Japanese. Nendogami was based on Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger's Karakuri Warrior Furai Maru. Was used for "Camera Monster" in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.


Zukangami (ズカンガミ, Zukangami, 22): Created from an old silk top hat and a new animal pictorial book. Can turn people into the animal it chooses from the book on its chest. Shizuka and Zukangami intended to turn selected humans into animals and by means of Solomon's Ring control them all, thereby creating a special Dark Shadow team of intelligent animals to find the world's Precious. It could also summon a rope, or a snake that turns into chains, to bind its opponents, throw exploding trump cards, copy the Dual Crasher (though it didn't get a chance to actually fire it), and was able to reflect SirenBuilder's "Triple Liquid Bomber," after juggling it on an umbrella. It turned Satoru, Masumi and Natsuki into a Telescope eye goldfish, a black German Shepard and a yellow budgerigar respectively. "Zukan" (図鑑, "Zukan") means "picture book" in Japanese. His final attack is the Zukangami Saber Cutter, which is a direct reference to Denji Sentai Megaranger's Galaxy Mega's finishing move, on which Zukangami was based. Was used for "Magician Monster" in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.


Akutagami (アクタガミ, 25): This Tsukumogami was supposed to be created from an old Japanese fan and a new air conditioner, but due to a mistake on Shizuka's part, some trash was also combined. As a Tsukumogami is supposed to be made out of just two objects—one old and one new, this third one made it weaker, and adding that it was useless trash, Akutagami turned out to be too weak-minded and too kind to be of any use to Dark Shadow. After being spared by Eiji Takaoka in battle because of his extreme ignorance, Akutagami accidentally eats "The Fruit of Wisdom" that fell into one of his compartments, a Precious that turns the eater into a genius. Dark Shadow tries to use him but the now super-smart Akutagami decides to abandon Dark Shadow instead and turns to help SGS to find the Precious.

However, after getting a bad impression on humanity, Akutagami decides to make them all pay for the world's sake, only trusting Eiji by giving him a paper seal. The Boukengers attack him in order to stop his rampage, but with his superior intellect and mastery of ninjutsu allows Akutagami to easily defeat them. When Akutagami fought Eiji, Eiji pleads with him to stop, whereupon the tsukogami cryptically replies "there's no time left." Before Akutagami can explain, Yaiba of Darkness impales him on his katana as punishment for abandoning Dark Shadow. When Yaiba finds that the Fruit of Wisdom is gone, Gekkou turns him into a giant puppet in order to destroy the Boukengers. Though thought to be destroyed by the very paper seal he gave, it actually restored Akutagami to his original size, free from Dark Shadow's control, but forgot all about what happened or Eiji. Having seen this, Eiji decides to tell him to go to the woods, and find a place in which where nobody would harm him.

"Akuta" (芥) means "trash" in Japanese. It is based on Kyukyu Sentai GoGo-V's LinerBoy. Was used for "Garbage Monster" in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.


Shirubegami (シルベガミ, Shirubegami, 32): Created from an old sextant and a new chalk, this Tsukumogami was the main professor of the mysterious Adventurer School. It was revealed later that what Dark Shadow really intends is to find an excellent adventurer in order to fulfill the sacrifice required to raise "The Ship of the Sky", a sailing ship Precious, that had sunk into the sea. He took five alumni (including Souta, Natsuki and the leftover Shimada) to raise them and obtain the Excellent Adventurer. However, his plans failed and after being destroyed by the Dual Crasher, he was made giant by Gekkou and defeated by DaiBouken and SirenBuilder's Flying Adventure Drive. When a pupil fails, Shirubegami applies his "Chalk Attack" in which he vigorously throws, instead of the soft calcium plaster chalks, calcium carbonate, extremely hard "attack chalks", never failing. "Shirube" (標, "Shirube") means "to point" or "signpost" in Japanese. He is based on Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman's Maxmagma. Was used for "Sextant Monster" in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.


Mamorigami (マモリガミ, Mamorigami, 35): Created from an old good luck charm (omamori) and a new computer, this final Tsukumogami was intended to pass as one of the three "The God's Head" red herrings in an exchange operation by Dark Shadow. In one of the three exchange sites, a laboratory in which Souta and Sakura were to recover the Precious before the exchange, Mamorigami entered the security control program and sistematically attacked Souta and Sakura. After being defeated and enlarged, Mamorigami tried to infiltrate GoGo Voyager systems using his Super Omamori Flash, a magnetic attack. However, he is ultimately destroyed by the Adventure Double Screw of DaiVoyager. This tsukumogami uses the protective wish of the omamori and transforms it into a program that enables the Super Omamori Flash. Even though Mamorigami can access systems and control them, he is not as powerful as "The God's Head", who can create programs from zero. "O-mamori" (お守り, "O-mamori") means "good luck charm" or "amulet" in Japanese. The whole word Mamorigami (守神, Mamorigami) means "guardian god". He is based on Chouriki Sentai Ohranger's King Pyramider Battle Formation. Was used for "Datum" in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.

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