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This article is about a/an set of mecha robos in the Super Sentai series.

Super Gattai (スーパー合体, Sūpā Gattai, Super Combination) is a term for when two or more giant robos combine to form an even bigger robo. The first Super Gattai in the history of Sentai is the Super Liverobo from Liveman, which is combined from Live Robo and Live Boxer.

Early examples of this trope are usually formed from the Rangers' main robo and an extra robo not belonging to anyone in the team or an extra robo controlled by the Red Ranger. Later examples almost always include the robo of one or more extra Rangers.

List of Super Gattai Robos


  • Karakuri Giant Tenkuu Gouraijin is the first Super Gattai whose materials are all non-primary robots. This is, however, a temporary combination.
    • The first official combination is Go-Buster King of Go-Busters.
  • Karakuri Giant Tenrai Senpuujin is the first combination with the 6th Ranger's robot.
  • Dekaranger's Super Dekaranger Robo is the first combination between the 5-member team's robot and the 6th Ranger's.
  • Go-onger's Engine-O G12 is the first combination among the main robot, the 6th Ranger's and the extra robot. This trend is followed by Shinkenger's Zen Samurai Gattai SamuraiHaOh and Goseiger's Ground Hyper Gosei Great.
  • Currently, EngineOh G12, ToQ Rainbow and the upcoming Wild Tousai Dodeka King hold the record of featuring the most giant Robos in their combination, as all three of them are formed from four individual Robos.

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