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This article is about a/an villain group in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.
Space Empire Zangyack
Zangyack Emblem 2
Led by: Ackdos Gill
and later by: Bacchus Gill
Generals and other Notable Members: Warz Gill, Damaras, Insarn, Barizorg, Deratsueigar, Dyrandoh, Waredonaiyer
Monster Types: Action Commanders
Base: Zangyack homeworld
Gigant Horse (invasion force base)
Allies: Basco ta Jolokia
Grunts/Footsoldiers: Gormin, Zgormin, Dogormin
Battled: First 34 Super Sentai, Gokaigers, Go-Busters, Kyoryugers
Other factions battled: Jaryuu Clan, Barbaric Machine Clan Gaiark
Teamed up with: Basco ta Jolokia, Space Ninja Group Jakanja, Black Cross King, Dai-Shocker, Enter
Chronological/Production Order
Evil Spirits

The Space Empire Zangyack (宇宙帝国ザンギャック Uchū Teikoku Zangyakku?) is a powerful interstellar Empire that battle the Gokaigers in order to invade and conquer the Earth, and the universe. It has been claimed several times that Zangyack rules the universe, suggesting that its task is almost complete, with only the Gokaigers in their way. Ep. 18: The Big Abare with the Dinosaur Robot Drill



Warz Gill during the Zangyack's second invasion.

Zangyack's forces are a race of aliens who conquered various planets and planned to invade Earth for their emperor, Ackdos Gill. The first invasion failed due to the interference of 34 Super Sentai teams in the Great Legend War. The second, current, invasion was overseen by the emperor's son Warz Gill from his chariot-like flagship Gigant Horse, stationed between Earth and its moon, with an armada at his command.

After the Gokaigers killed off Warz, the Zangyack made the capture and execution of the Gokaigers their top priority to the point of giving Captain Marvelous an "Unlimited Reward" bounty. They were perceived a threat great enough for the emperor himself to come and oversee the invasion personally.

A month after Ackdos Gill's death, as well as the destruction of the majority of their military forces, which had been mobilized to Earth for the final invasion of Earth to exterminate all Earthlings, the Zangyack Empire begins to dissolve with its universal reign coming to an end.

The currency of the Zangyack Empire is the Zagin (Z=), which is how the bounties on the Gokaigers are measured. Also, the exchange rate from the Zagin to the yen is Z=1 to ¥360.


Gill Family

The Imperial Family who serve as the ruling party of the empire.

Imperial Guard

The Zangyack's elite soldiers who directly serve the Emperor.

  • Deratsueigar (11 - 12) - The leader of the Imperial Guard, a fearsome swordsman who was sent by the emperor to help Warz Gill in conquering Earth. He managed to hold back all Gokaigers' attacks and was about to kill them until their battle was interrupted when Warz got wounded. Deratsueiger is later sent back to Earth to call out the Gokaigers and slaughter them all, before he was surprisingly defeated by them. Enlarged to take out his defeat on the city, Deratsueiger is finally destroyed by Shinken Gokaioh.
  • Dyrandoh (41 - 51) - An Imperial Guard who assumes Damaras's place as the invasion's second in command when Ackdos begins to personally oversee Earth's invasion. He is now deceased when he was hit with a Blue Charged Rising Strike from the Gokaigers sans Marvelous and Gai.Farewell Space Pirates
  • Zatsurig (41)  - Known as the "Destroyer of Worlds" due to his task of wiping out entire planets that opposed the Zangyack, with the planet Famille, Ahim's home, one of such victims. He was tasked with wiping out Earth, but was defeated when Ahim shoots out the source of Zatsurig's power, the eye in his chest, and then was defeated by a Pink Charge Rising Strike. Enlarged, Zatsurig took on Kanzen GokaiOh and was killed.


  • Chief of Staff Damaras (1 - 43) - known among Zangyack as the "Strongest High Ranked Soldier" due to his skills as a warrior and as a strategist. He is ordered to accompany Warz Gill by Ackdos and assist him as his second on command. He is now deceased when Don Dogoier personally stopped Marvelous' execution, and with the other Gokaigers, defeated him at normal sized, then at mecha size. To the Legendary Hero
  • Development Technical Officer Insarn (1 - 49) is Zangyack's mad scientist, supplying the Action Commanders with powerful weapons and modifications. Using a special gun-shaped controller, she can fire the Gigant Horse's enlargement cannons to resurrect defeated Action Commanders and make them grow giant. She is now deceased when she tried to prove Ackdos Gill that she was still of use and tried to fight the Gokaigers, but ended up getting hit with a Rising Strike. Her death herald the arrival of the Zangyack invasion fleet, with her part of weakening the Gokaigers finished. The Greatest Treasure in the Universe (episode)
  • Special Duty Officer Barizorg (1 - 38) is a cyborg whose whole body is mechanized and completely loyal to Warz Gill. He has an eerie presence, a systematic sense, and his identity was once Cid Barmick before he was converted into a cyborg. He is now deceased when the Gokaiger Joe Gibken bested Barizorg to let Cid's soul rest in peace.The Power to Seize Dreams
  • Great Scientist Zaien (30) - A Zangyack scientist who is responsible for Sid Bamick's conversion into Barizorg. Visiting Warz Gill to check up on Barizorg, Zaien agrees to help the prince by capturing physically fit humans for the prince's plan of mass producing more Barizorg-like cyborgs. However, Zaien is killed by the Gokaigers with the secret of his Barizorg conversion process gone with him.
  • Makuu Prison Warden Ashurada
  • Action Commanders - aliens of various planets who serve under the Zangyack that command the footsoldiers on the Earth's surface. They are the ones who the Gokaigers face in nearly all of the episodes.

Foot Soldiers

  • Dogormin Bodyguards - The Royal Guard of the Emperor. Two Dogormin have the power of an average Action Commander. They are also always seen in a pair.
  • Non-commissioned Officers Sugormin - the officers who lead the Gormin to battle and support the Action Commanders.
  • Gormin Sailors - the footsoldiers of the Zangyack, armed with clubs provided by Insarn that double as RPG launchers and submachine guns.

Video Game appearances

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger: Gathered Transformation! 35 Sentai!

Zangyack appears as the enemies of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger: Gathered Transformation! 35 Sentai!. The story of this game involves the Gokaigers going to a planet Navi tells them has the true Greatest Treasure in the Universe. Once the Gokaigers arrive, they're attacked by Zangyack and all the Ranger Keys are lost, scattered across the world.

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger: Let's Go Gokai Galleon


The Gokai Galleon engages a Zangyack ship.

Zangyack ships appear as the enemies of the iOS third person shooter game Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger: Let's Go Gokai Galleon. The player controls the Gokai Galleon or GokaiOh while fighting Zangyack ships.

Behind the scenes

Musical Themes

Zangyack Getter is a twist on the Gokaiger ending theme, Super Sentai Hero Getter. It was sung by Hirofumi Nojima, Gaku Shindo, Kikuko Inoue and Koji Ishii in character as Warz Gill, Barizorg, Insarn, and Damaras respectively.


  • The name "Zangyack" comes from the Japanese word "zangyaku", which means "cruelty".
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