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This article is about a/an set of rangers in the Super Sentai series.

A Toei classification showing all protagonist Pink Rangers up to Gokaiger.

The Pink Sentai Ranger (桃色戦隊レンジャー Momoiro Sentai Renjā?) or Pink Warrior (桃色戦士 Momoiro Senshi?) is a designation given to a position in most Super Sentai Series. Pink is always female (with the exception of one) and is the third most frequent color after Red/Blue and Yellow. The earliest Pink Warriors had lighter shades of pink and Change Phoenix and Gosei Pink had the darkest shade.

Main Sentai Pink

Historic/Alternate Pink

False Pink

Unique Evil Pink

Super Pink

Pink Rangers who can assume Super Ranger forms.

Gokai Changes

Male Pink

Male versions of the Pink Rangers as seen in Gokaiger. Costumes/Forms transformed by Gokai Red, Gokai Blue, Gokai Green, and Gokai Silver are equipped with tights.

Transfer Changes

Chronological Pink Rangers

Ranger Keys

Sentai Rangers


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