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This article is about a/an set of elements identified in the Super Sentai series.
For the planet named Sentai 6 as seen in Power Rangers Dino Super Charge, see Sentai 6.

This is a category for Sentai elements that are identified by the number 6.

The first number beyond the main five-man Sentai lineup, it has not been used as often as thought: many Sentai teams with numbers do not continue beyond "5", while several who use other numerical means and have their sixth identified by other numbers.

On some occasions, a Ranger may not be associated with a number, but their mecha is.








Switch Jet Sword Rocket Dagger

  • DV-Defender
    • DV Refreezer
  • Switch Jet Sword Rocket Dagger
    • Mission 6: Full Power (Jet Dagger)

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