Some shows that have aired are very similar to Super Sentai and pay homage to it. They are considered Sentai-like.

  • Spider-Man aired 1978-1979. It was made by Toei, and is the first show in their library to use a Mecha. It can not be technically be called a Sentai, as it only involves one main masked character fighting evil.
  • Voicelugger aired in 1999. It is the last production ever of Shotaro Ishinomori. The show stars many famous Japanese voice actors.
  • France Five started airing in 2000, and has aired one episode each year up until 2004, where the penultimate episode aired. The motif this season is many french related things (bread, cheese, wine, etc.). The show airs online, and was once known as Jushi Sentai France Five. This season was very popular in Japan.
  • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon aired in 2003. It is a retelling of the Japanese manga and anime, with noticable darker plots then the other two. Like Voicelugger, it is aired in Japan.
  • Kanjani Sentai Eightranger is a series of skits that are inspired by Super Sentai. The skits started in 2005, and a movie called Eightranger is being released in 2012.
  • Sport Ranger aired in 2006, and has a sport motif. This season aired in Thailand, and had 16 episodes. At the end of the series, the three males were killed.
    • Sport Ranger 2 is the second season of Sport Ranger. This show picks up where the last season left off. The original Pink ranger's actress was replaced. This show, like the original, is shown on Channel 3.


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