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"Go, Rinshi! Feed on the fear of the people!"
Camille commands to Rinshi[src]

Rinshi are members of Dai Shi's army in Power Rangers: Jungle Fury and members of the Confrontation Beast-Fist Akugata in Juken Sentai Gekiranger. Rinshi are JiangShi-like warriors who travel by hopping forward or backward. They appear to lack the ability to speak. On occasion they wield staffs for battle that harness and release energy. They are also inflitrators, as in several episodes they appear as regular people (such as thieves or technicians) to trap the Power Rangers.

Powers and abilities

  • Advance combat: Rinshi were trained to martial arts in the combat.
  • Jumps: Rinshi can jump very high.


  • Staff: They used with staff with a sharp point to fight against theirs enemies. Too can shoots a energy blasts.

Rinshi Beasts

Certain Rinshi are selected and upgraded to harness powers of specific beast arts. Camille attaches animal totems to Rinshis to upgrade them. These Rinshis gain the power and fighting styles of the specific animal totems. They also gain the ability to speak and behave in a more humanoid fashion. Upon gaining a type of power-up usually from the fear and despair of the people around them, they shed their identical upgraded Rinshi forms and take on a monster-like appearance. They are able to transform freely at their own will, unlike others.

639 Buffolord Dai Rin Shi

Dai Shi can randomly select one or more Rinshi and place the head of a special statuette Totem on them. This converts simple Rinshi to Dai Rinshi - a warrior with the fighting style and abilities of an animal. Dai Rinshi is much stronger and smarter simple Rinshi. They are also able to talk.

Dai Rin Shi has a monstrous regime in Rin Shi Beast. Rin Shi Beasts are worse than even the form of Dai Rin Shi. Their look is stylized animal style which Dai Rin Shi fights.

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