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Ranger Sentries are the militia of Lord Drakkon, humans who wear mass-produced Ranger-like armors that designate the specific functions of each solider.[1]

Ranger Sentries

Tyrannosaurus Tyrannosaurus Sentries
Mastodon Mastodon Sentries
Sabertooth Tiger Sabertooth Sentries
Pterodactyl Pterodactyl Sentries
Zeo Green Zeo Sentries


Samurai Blue Samurai Sentries

Team History

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  • Morphin Grid enhanced combat suits: Ranger Sentries directly tap into the Morphin Grid by harnessing a fraction of transformation power sources stolen from Power Rangers. In the case of the original four classes of Sentries, the source was the Power Coins taken from the slain or defeated Power Rangers of Lord Drakkon's world by Drakkon himself. The later Green Zeo and Blue Samurai Sentries use Adam's stolen Rectangle Zeo sub-crystal and Kevin's stolen Dragon Power Disc as a power source. One feature that Drakkon's soldiers fear is the "disconnect" function. This removes a Sentry's powers by Drakkon hitting a switch, the suit produces a violent electric shock that de-powers and kills the user. This feature is used by Lord Drakkon as a form of punishment for failure.Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 13
  • Military style Ranger-like weapons: These unnamed weapons are loosely based off of weapons the Power Rangers use, but are a twisted and militaristic versions of them designed to injure or kill any who oppose Lord Drakkon.
  • Unnamed Green Zeo Sentry Tank Mechas: Exosuit mini Zord-like tanks designed for the Green Zeo Sentries, who are the mobile infantry of Drakkon's army. These tanks are armed with blaster cannons, robotic claws for grabbing, lifting or crushing objects or targets and rapid fire high-caliber chain guns.



  • According to Boom! Studios, there was an unrevealed reason why there are no Triceratops Sentries. The reason is later revealed to be that the Trini of this reality still had the original coin of the alternate Billy and that the Ranger Sentries need to draw their power from the original sources to tap into the Morphing Grid.
  • Including the Green Zeo Ranger and Blue Samurai Ranger sentries, the Ranger Sentries have used all of the colors that were on the first incarnation of the Mighty Morphin' Rangers.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Ranger Sentries were an original idea exclusive to the Boom! Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Comic, and were created by Jamal Campbell.


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