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This article is about a/an evil Ranger team in Power Rangers in Space, the last installment in the Zordon Era, and Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.
Psycho Rangers
Power Rangers in Space
Led by: Psycho Red
Rangers battled: Space Rangers, Galaxy Rangers
Production Order
Crash & the Creeps
Cyborg Rangers
Chronological Order
Crash & the Creeps
Cyborg Rangers
"We're the Psycho Rangers." "We're faster than you." "Smarter than you." "Stronger than you." "But we're evil!"
―The Psycho Rangers' introduction[src]

The Psycho Rangers were created as evil counterparts to the Space Rangers.

Zhane Fake Psycho Suit

Zhane as the fake Psycho Ranger.

Psycho Rangers

1 Psycho Red
2 Psycho Black
3 Psycho Blue
4 Psycho Yellow
5 Psycho Pink
6 Psycho Silver (fake)


The evil princess Astronema created them to draw on the power of her master Dark Specter, and they were designed to hunt down the Power Rangers by tracking their energy, voices, and communicator noises. Each Psycho Ranger had a specific fighting style unbeatable by the Ranger that they were evil versions of (though they were a serious threat to the ranger team even without all of their members). The Psycho Rangers consisted of the Blue, Yellow, Pink, Black, and Red Psycho Rangers, with Psycho Red as their leader. In this way, the Psycho Rangers were used by Astronema not only to defeat the Power Rangers, but also to severely weaken Dark Specter, whom Astronema wished to overthrow. Unfortunately for her, the Psycho Rangers were impatient and unwilling to follow her carefully laid schemes, and were destroyed by the Space Rangers when they discovered that the Psycho Rangers could be defeated by Space Rangers of a color different from theirs.

The Psycho Rangers were rebuilt and it's revealed that they also had monster forms known as Psycho-Monsters whenever one of them has their Ranger form destroyed:

Psycho-Monster Red is a fire monster. Psycho Monster Black is a rock monster. Psycho Monster Blue is an ice monster. Psycho Monster Yellow is a lizard/hornet monster. Psycho Monster Pink is a plant-like monster.

Psycho Pink was the first to become monstrous (by way of becoming a giant), then Psycho Blue is the second, and Psycho Red, Psycho Black, and Psycho Yellow become Psycho-Monsters at the same time. They ended up destroyed again. Oddly enough, only Psycho-Blue became a giant via the launching of the Satellasers. The others grew by themselves.

The spectral forms of the Psycho Rangers were later restored to life again within Secret City, and attacked the Power Rangers. They turned into their monster forms again but remained human-sized. The Rangers managed to digitize them, preserving them in several key cards.


A year later, these cards found their way into the hands of Deviot, who revived the Psycho Rangers. He sent them after the Galaxy Rangers, but the Space Rangers teamed up with the new generation to defeat the Psychos. Psycho Pink survived, and managed to destroy the Pink Space morpher, depleting her rival's power and adding it to her own. She turned into her monster form and then became a giant once more. The Rangers destroyed her permanently using the Astro Megazord and Galaxy Megazord, but at the cost of the Pink Galaxy Ranger's life.





Psycho Rangers disguised as Power Rangers

  • The reason the Psychos all have a twisted 'N' on their belts is because in Denji Sentai Megaranger, which In Space gets footage from, they're known as the Jaden Sentai Nejiranger
  • The human forms of Psychos Red, Black, and Yellow, were the voice actors and actress for their respective Psycho.
  • The Psycho Rangers currently hold the record for the most appearances by a group of evil rangers, as most evil ranger teams created by the main villain rarely last longer than the episode in which they are first introduced.
  • Oddly, when Astronema created the Psycho Rangers, she did not think to make a Psycho Silver. This is possibly due to her subconscious remnants of her affection for Zhane, although the metafictional explanation is the fact that the Sentai Series did not have a counterpart either, though the Psycho Silver costume worn by Zhane was from Sentai.
  • When they reappeared in Lost Galaxy, the Psycho Rangers lacked the sound effect echo they had from In Space.
  • It is unknown how the alien Deviot got the data cards from obtained them, since they were last seen in Astronema's hands shortly before the end of In Space.
  • Although the Psycho Rangers must fight with their counterparts of the same color to take their energy, in the next season showed Psycho Black being satisfied with the idea of fighting a green ranger instead. This could suggest a link with black and green power ranger energies being the same or similar.
  • The Psycho Rangers are the second Evil Ranger Team (following the Mutant Rangers) to not be a copy of their rival team.

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