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Precious (プレシャス Pureshasu?) in Boukenger are fictional artifacts that are the focus for each Task (episode) of GoGo Sentai Boukenger. Within the fiction of the show, each of these artifacts is defined as a "Precious" if it is physically or technologically superior to any current human technology. The protagonists of the series, the Search Guard Successor Foundation, are tasked to retrieve these items before any of the various antagonists, the Negative Syndicate, can use the Precious' powers for evil. Each Precious is marked with a different "Hazard Level" as defined by the S.G.S. Foundation's Accellular devices; a higher number denotes that the item is more dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands. After acquiring a Precious, it is kept in a containment device for further research.

Towards the end of GoGo Sentai Boukenger, all of the Precious that had been collected are destroyed by the leaders of S.G.S. after their Precious Bank is breached. It is also revealed that the Precious are created from the power of the hopes and dreams of the human race.

List of Precious

Gordom Precious

Heart of Gordom

Main article: Gordom Precious#Heart of Gordom

Brain of Gordom

Main article: Gordom Precious#Brain of Gordom

Lemuria Precious

Helmet of Ryuuwon

Main article: Lemuria Precious#Helmet of Ryuuwon

Golden Sword of Lemuria

Main article: Lemuria Precious#Golden Sword of Lemuria
Main article: Great Sword Man Zubaan

Egg of Lemuria

Main article: Lemuria Precious#Egg of Lemuria

Sun of Lemuria

Main article: Lemuria Precious#Sun of Lemuria

Blades of Three Kingdoms Leadership

Three weapons forged by Koumei, the strategist during the Three Kingdoms era of China, said to give it's wielder the power to take down a thousand men and become the ruler of the world: Seiryuto katana, the Jabo naginata and the Sokoken. When not in weapon form, they appear as ordinary bamboo scrolls; but when unscrolled, they take form and can merge with others of the weapons to become more powerful. The three blades are sought after by the Dark Shadow Syndicate, with Shizuka of the Wind stealing two of them using her disguise abilities under the eye of the Boukengers. The third was formerly owned by a businessman who refused to give it up believing in it's status and in his own security until Souta Mogami reawakened his adventurer's spirit; this scroll was used alongside the GoGoKen of the DaiBouken to defeat the other two fused swords used by Tsukumogami Jougami and re-obtained them for S.G.S.Task 3: The Champion's Blades

During his assault on the Precious Bank to obtain the Egg of Lemuria, Ryuuwon brings out two of the swords once again to fight against Akashi.Task 47: The Box of Despair

  • Hazard Level: 120 (each)

Madness Weather

Main article: Precious Creatures#Madness Weather

An ancient Precious used by a civilization to change and control the weather around them, yet was considered too out of control even in its own time. The Jaryuu Tribe find it and utilize it's abilities to attempt to change the weather into one where it is constantly hot all the time, making humans go extinct and providing the perfect climate for their control of Earth. However, the power of the Precious is too much for them and it unleashes blizzard-like conditions in the surrounding area, threatening to freeze over a major section of Japan and turning it into a second Antarctica. After Akashi saves the other Boukengers from nearly freezing in vehicles collapsed in the ice and snow, the Precious turns into a monster which is destroyed by DaiBouken using the GoGo Drill attachment.Task 4: The Lost Vehicles

Imperial Pearl

A pearl upon which the plans for a secret weapon, the "BioPanzer" tank, was inscribed within at the dawn of the 20th century by a scientist wishing to protect it's secrets from those who could use it. Tracked down by Shizuka in hopes of merging it's power with Tsukumogami Takumigami, it ends up in the hands of a boy which Sakura (as BoukenPink) gives to and which he refuses to give back due to not trusting the human form of the Boukengers. Retaken ultimately by Shizuka and implanted within the blueprint-interpretor of Takumigami, it was used to recreate BioPanzer which is stopped by Sakura and the Bouken Shovel. The pearl returns to the boy, who finally gives it to Sakura claiming she'll hold it for "a friend" (BoukenPink).Task 5: The Imperial Pearl

A short while later, the Imperial Pearl was tracked down by Yuji Toba, an international spy hired by another nation hoping to use the plans for the BioPanzer for their war machines. With the assistance of the Questers, he captured his former partner Souta to gain access to the SGS storehouse and the pearl, but Bouken Blue ultimately convinced him to move on just like he had from his spy life, stopping the plan and keeping the pearl safe.Task 23: The Dangerous Partner


The Kubi is a special water-like medicine utilized by an ancient civilization of the Kubitani, the valley which they lived in. The warriors in the valley were ultimately killed off by beheading, but they continued on by protecting their Precious by utilizing the tricks of the valley it self as well as the usage of Mogari, a stone guardian preventing anyone from reaching or using it for themselves. Gajah gains control of the medicine and uses it to lure the Boukengers into the valley, pouring drops on them and letting them get attacked by Mogari until they discover the mechanism. After seemingly stopping the guardian, the true Mogari guardian awakens: a giant version of the defeated being which is ultimately stopped by the GoGo Drill and Shovel combination on DaiBouken. After its defeat, though, the Kubi has no further value as a Precious, it's danger level only existing due to the means to achieve it.Task 6: The Cursed Fog

  • Hazard Level: 17; 0 (After Mogari's defeat)

Scale of the Salamander

The Scale of the Salamander is a scale of a dragon which was discovered by the SGS officers in Europe and sent to Japan to assist in the completion of the Accel Tector armor. Ryuuwon steals the scale after it's arrival, hoping to use it to empower Wicked Dragon Dryken and further transform it into a giant, but Souta reclaims it while escaping from Ryuuwon's trap. Merging the scale with the developed Accel Tector, Akashi completes the suit and is able to use the Dual Crusher to defeat Ryuuwon's Wicked Dragon.Task 7: The Salamander's Scale


Main article: Precious Creatures#Vril
  • Hazard Level: 110 (Orihalcon Container); 130 (Vril)

Manuscript of Leon Giordana

Main article: Manuscript of Leon Giordana

Pipes of Hamelin

According to a legend which became a notable fairy tale, a piper took away children from a village who owed him payment for eliminating their rats in 1284. However, while it is unknown what happened to the children, a pair of Precious from this period appears to be tied to the legend. One pipe is the legendary pipe of the tale which can lure away anyone who listens to it's song (such as children), but can also brainwash those who listen to it as well. After being under control of the pipe and gathering enough victims, the pipe will also allow for them to fuse them into a gemstone, upon which a great power would be summoned when enough are created and gathered together. However, there also exists a second pipe which can undo the effects of the first, turning the gems back into the formerly-brainwashed children. The releasing pipe was found first on display at a museum exhibit; it was stolen by Shizuka but retrieved by the Boukengers which they legally were able to procure from the owner. The brainwashing pipe, however, was ultimately found by Yaiba and given to the Tsukumogami Kanadegami to create the gems for the summoning; after Sakura and Natsuki raided the territory having initially lost a battle and their Accellulars to the Tsukumogami, Sakura used the releasing pipe to release all the captured children and recapture the other pipe into SGS hands.Task 12: The Pipes of Hamelin

  • Hazard Level: 110 (Capturing Pipe)

Potion of Immortality

Although the tale of Princess Kaguya is well known, there is one common aspect typically forgotten in the story by some who tell it: as the princess returned to her home on the Moon, she gave an offer to the bamboo cutter who originally found her a potion of immortality to allow him to live forever due to his kindness; however, the bamboo cutter burned the potion not wanting to live a longer life without her and spread the ashes of it's remains on Mt. Fuji. Though the ashes remained behind, the means to finding the potion became a means of unlocking it on Mt. Fuji by finding the five "treasures" that Kaguya had forced wooing suitors to find in order to win her love. (the Dragon Neck Ball, Buddhist Stone Bowl, Hourai Ball Branches, a Firerat Fur Coat, and Swallow's Cowrie Shell) The Boukengers end up becoming involved when the mysterious "Phantom Thief Selene" challenged them to find the five treasures, made even more difficult due to her own search for them and Ryuuwon's own interest in the Dragon Neck Ball. With the assistance of Souta, Selene is able to gain all five and thus the potion; but its ash unexpectedly gives a power-up to Wicked Dragon Lindom, who follows along after finding out about her true intentions, and ends up growing as a result. After the Boukengers defeat Lindom, Selene reveals that she was truly Princess Kaguya and that she led them on the chase in order for them to gain this Precious for themselves; likewise, the potion didn't truly give immortality as in the tale but actually merely gave a temporary power-up to those who partook it.Task 13: The Treasures of Princess Kaguya

  • Hazard Level: 87

Steel of the Heavenly Mine

A special holy metal used by Shinto god Susanoo to forge his sword in order to kill the eight-headed Yamata-no-Orochi. The Boukengers tracked down the mine where they initially encounter the Dark Shadow, which ends up making them lose Natsuki. She eventually encounters a girl claiming to be her younger sister (in actuality the Tsukumogami Nendogami) and who tried to trick her into helping her get the metal from the mine. Though the Boukengers attempt to seal the mine off, they do eventually gain the ore which the Boukengers reclaim once Natsuki rejoins them and Nendogami is exposed and defeated.Task 14: The Revived Past

Aqua Crystal

The Aqua Crystal was a crystal that was used to sustain the water levels of an underwater city where an entire civilization existed. After the crystal was mysteriously taken away, the water dried up and the city eventually became covered by sand, as if vanished into a desert. The only known clue to the crystal's existence was a scroll found by a college professor written in an unknown ancient language. The Boukengers attempted to get the scroll, but it was torn apart in a battle with two Jaryuu, Naga and Ragi, which ultimately left them with the important piece with the location. Ragi pursued the Boukengers and got his hands on the missing piece, but it dissolved in his hands when trying to hold it. Ultimately when with Akashi, Ragi revealed that he was actually a member of the civilization in search of the crystal in order to restore his home and fulfill a dream of his father, yet was forced to abandon his people and become a Jaryuu just to live on the surface. Using the scroll and the destroyed piece memorized by Akashi, the duo tracked the crystal down to the interior of a volcano, which they retrieved with SGS's new GoGo Jet vehicle and used to finally restore the underwater city to it's former glory. As a final reward, Ragi was able to return home with a repaired crystal of his father's allowing him to enter. (due to destroying his own in order to search the surface world)Task 15: The Water MetropolisTask 16: The Water Crystal

Hundred-Demons Mirror

Although legends claimed that this mirror Precious was used to seal away an army of demons, the truth is that it actually was used to seal away the Ashu Tribe, a deviant evolution of humanity known to have become the monsters and demons of legend. Initially discovered by the Dark Shadow for their own usage, it is quickly noticed by two Ashu, Furious Demon God Gai and Hyouga, as well as by Eiji Takaoka, a watcher trying to defeat them. The Boukengers appear to gain the mirror for themselves, but Eiji takes it under their grasps believing that he could use the mirror as bait to draw out and defeat the Ashu duo. However the Ashu end up taking the mirror as well as Natsuki, realizing her potential power and blood could be used to open the mirror gate and release all of the Ashu locked away. They end up freeing ultimately one Ashu, the horrible leader Grand Beast Rei, before the Boukengers arrive to stop them from releasing more. After freeing Natsuki, she ends up holding down the mirror before Eiji destroys it with his staff. After the battle, Eiji gives the now broken mirror Precious to the Boukengers, seeing as it had no further use.Task 17: The Ashu Mirror

Soldier's Bow

A bow and arrow Precious used by demon hunters to fight the Ashu. Led by Gai, the Ashu duo discover the weapon under a temple which they destroy and initially use it to destroy a city; but soon decide to utilize it alongside a plan to make the Boukengers suffer by making Akashi see it being wielded by his deceased friend Masaki (in actuality Gai being covered by an illusion mist used by Rei), forcing him to psychologically choose his side. Ultimately, Akashi overcomes his doubts and grief of his friend's death and reasserts his love of adventures, allowing for him to retake the bow and, alongside Eiji's staff, use it to damage the Ashu duo.Task 18: The Man that Lived

During his final assault on the Precious Bank, Ryuuwon releases the Soldier Bow and uses it against Akashi as he tried to obtain the Egg of Lemuria once again.Task 47: The Box of Despair

  • Hazard Level: 187

Lightning Cannon

A massive cannon Precious dug up first by the Questers to use as a weapon for their new Quester Robo; it's massive destructive power is amplified by the Gordom Engine within them and the mech to destroy cities with ease. Ultimately stopped and taken down by a newly-resolved Eiji Takaoka as Bouken Silver and his new mech, the SirenBuilder, equipped with a Neo-Parallel Engine that is not affected by the Gordom Engines.Task 20: The Brand-New Giant

  • Hazard Level: 550

Uchide's Mallet

As depicted in the legends of Issun-bōshi (the Japanese equivalent to Tom Thumb), the Mallet of Uchide is a mallet used to grant wishes, most notably making the tiny hero bigger to marry the princess he rescued. The map to the mallet was initially found by Gajah, but given to Ryuuwon due to the dragon lord's anger for not letting him in on the Gordom Engines or the Questers. The Boukengers track him down towards the mallet, with Eiji ultimately reaching it first before Ryuuwon takes it from him. The dragon lord uses it to make his own Jaryuu minions into giants, believing that he could use this to ease his conquests without needing to make more complex minions such as the giant dragons or the more powerful Wicked Dragons. He ultimately made the Jaryuu so large that even Ultimate Daibouken could not handle them; but Bouken Silver ultimately steals the mallet back from Ryuuwon and uses it to make the mech even more massive to defeat two of the Jaryuu, while using the normal sized SirenBuilder to defeat the last from the inside out akin to tiny hero Issun-bōshi.Task 21: The Mallet of Uchide

Solomon's Ring

A magic ring stated to be used by Israeli king Solomon to control animals as he did in biblical texts. Shizuka found the ring and, in conjunction with Zukangami, a Tsukumogami with the magical ability to turn people into animals, was going to use it to create animal slaves for her and Dark Shadow to control. Although succeeding in changing Masumi, Natsuki and Akashi into animals, Sakura stole the ring from her without getting a means of changing them back. She attempted to use the ring in a deal with Shizuka for an antidote, but called her bluff knowing the only way to change them back was to defeat Zukangami, which she, Souta and the three animal Boukengers ultimately do.Task 22: The Ring of Solomon

  • Hazard Level: 13

Hatsune Drum

This drum is an artifact originally mentioned in The Tale of the Heike, a classic of historical Japanese fiction. Initially found by Gajah and the Boukengers, the Gordom leader literally gives it to the heroes when he thinks the Precious appears useless. Yet when Natsuki hits it once after retrieval, she awakens the spirit of a boy who asks her to save a treasure of his that has gone missing at Sanbonmatsu in Kitano-chō in modern Kobe. As Natsuki goes on her search, the drum mysteriously awakens and begins to increase in danger as it creates an army of Boukenger enemies (Karths, Jaryuu and Tsukumogami) out of mere leaves, which grows with each passing battle. The Boukengers continue to try and hold off the army of creatures until Natsuki finally finds the "treasure" of the boy spirit (a stone marking "Genkuro Kitsune", which is the boy itself) and annihilates the leaf monster army (and her own teammates) with Ultimate DaiBouken. With the boy saved, the drum settles down, revealing itself as the skinned hides of two foxes, upon which the stone was their son as the family is reunited.Task 24: The Hatsune Drum

  • Hazard Level: 3 (Dormant), 100 (Awakened)

Fruit of Wisdom

In legends such as in Judeo-Christian texts, the "Fruit of Wisdom" is the source of giving knowledge to mankind, while in actuality it was a special fruit that increased the mental capacities of anyone who ate it, allowing for them to become a genius. The fruit appears similar to a bunch of grapes and grows only as one of several bunches from a certain tree, which must be tracked down for the right one to be selected. Unfortunately the brains gained from eating the fruit only last a short period of time, and it must continued to be consumed for its effectiveness to last, with it's power going away once the last piece has been consumed and it's effect worn off.

The Boukengers and Dark Shadow both track down the fruit, which ends up in the hands of Akutagami, a Tsukumogami idiot created by an accident of random junk being spilled during Gekkou's creation ceremony. Due to appearing to fail in it's mission, Akutagami is punished with no dinner, which allows for it to instead eat the fruit, instantly increasing it's mental capacities and turning it into a genius no longer interested in working for Dark Shadow. Akutagami tries to join SGS due to becoming slightly friendly with Eiji during thier first encounter, but their fears of working with a Tsukumogami and their own desire for getting the fruit back makes it realize that humanity is just as much a problem, making it go on a rampage to disable humans by destroying power plants and raining junk from the sky. Ultimately Akutagami runs out of the fruit just for Yaiba to strike it down for betraying the Dark Shadow, yet the junk Tsukumogami prepared one final act to save itself while it was a genius: using a special charm prepared and given to Eiji to stop it in it's giant form so it could appear to die yet allow for it to shrink back down and go into hiding even though it no longer possesses any further genius.Task 25: The Forbidden Fruit

Glass Slipper

Main article: Precious Creatures#Prince

The fairy tale of Cinderella is known and interpreted worldwide, but the truth of the tale is much darker than imagined: while Cinderella did have a set of glass slippers she wore to a ball, a curse was placed on one of the shoes which would hurt any other females who wore it. As part of the curse, any girl who puts the glass slipper on, particularly if she has feelings of being not the typical beautiful female, would become trapped into a fantasy world where they would be dancing with a handsome prince; if still within the world by the time the clock strikes midnight, their soul would be trapped within the ballroom while their body in the real world would collapse unconscious. Kurolinda, the wicked older stepsister within the Cinderella legend, became a servant of the prince to be with him, even if to find new girls to feed his desires.

The Boukengers find the glass slipper on a mysterious dancing girl which they take from her, being warned by even Gajah about it's danger. Sakura continues to study the shoe as Kurolinda appears to her and puts it on, making her fall for the Prince within the illusionary world but with the Boukengers getting it off her before midnight. As Sakura's strong will and desire to get what she wants makes her reasses her own desires, she speaks to Kurolinda the next night after researching her and, with her assistance and abilities to travel between the real and fantasy worlds, uses it to take down the Prince, who reappears within the real world as a monster from the transformed slipper. The Boukengers defeat the slipper monster before it grows to a massive size, which is destroyed by Sakura slamming it with GoGoMarine with assistance from SirenBuilder's water hoses.Task 26: The Glass Slipper

Feng-Shui Compass Board "Dragon Eye"

Feng-Shui, the ancient Chinese art of geomancy through determination of the receipt of positive qi, is likewise a notable means of divination in determining a person's luck. One of the most accurate of means of this determination is the "Dragon Eye", an ancient Feng-Shui compass board initially in the hands of fortune teller Chinsuuko, which the Boukenger decide to visit to attempt to gain it from him. However Wicked Dragon Talong beats the Boukengers to the board and uses it's power and the positioning of the Boukengers themselves to manipulate first his own luck, making him gain the maximum that can be obtained, and then using it to manipulate and seal Akashi's luck into the worst that it can be. With the board in hand, Talong begins to manipulate the land around him in order to manipulate the Chimeku (the qi of the land beneath them) to gather at a certain "Ryuketsu" point where an Earth Dragon was rumored to have been sealed, which he and Ryuuwon attempted to awaken. When the Boukengers (including Akashi with his luck "saved" by his teammates) retake the compass board, Ryuuwon decides to throw Talong into the Ryuketsu crack to try and still use the Earth Dragon's power, making him grow. Talong continues to manipulate the feng-shui of the surroundings, but the Boukengers, using the compass board and their Accessory vehicles, manipulate it so he can gain the worst luck before sealing it within him with the board and GoGo Sword and finishing him off with Super DaiBouken.Task 27: The Feng-Shui Trap

  • Hazard Level: 88

Legendary Armor

A legendary set of armor, both helmet and breastplate, which has an invincibility to all attacks, including modern weapons such as laser fire. The Questers desired the armor to use on their latest mecha, Quester Robo Elite, but Masumi reaches it first using his treasure-hunting skills with his Accelular in the shop. However the Questers take the treasure and equip it onto Elite, making it unstoppable to the Boukenger's mecha. Yet Masumi figures a way of defeating the mech through a prolonged battle, with him and Eiji switching the arms of DaiBouken and SirenBuilder over and over with the various accessory mecha until Elite starts to break down again. With the robot disabled, Akashi grabs the armor with GoGo Crane, and then the main mecha defeat Elite, with Eiji equipping GoGo Dozer and Marine on SirenBuilder to use the GoGo Sword and Masumi the signal beams on GoGo Aider and Police attached to DaiBouken.Task 28: The Legendary Armor


Main article: Precious Creatures#Hyde Gene

An ancient sentient spacecraft which came to Earth and the true form of the monster Hyde Gene, who had come to the planet to seek the strongest creature to merge with it, leading to it making the dinosaurs go extinct at one point. Although luring many to try and reach it within it's docile form of "Muse", the Boukengers finally catch on and stop Hyde Gene, forcing it to revert to it's most powerful form. Though defeating Ultimate DaiBouken on it's own, the Boukengers are forced to use the five utility mechs to merge into DaiTanken, which defeats the ancient monster.GoGo Sentai Boukenger The Movie: The Greatest Precious

  • Precious Level: ∞

Flame of the Ruined Country

A fire burning on a special oil that will never go out; it was said that it once burned down an entire country. The Questers track it down for the usage of their newest Quester Robo, with the duo protecting their excavation site with a spell, but with Rei doing most of the digging while Gai facing Eiji and Sakura as they sneak within the zone to break it down. After gaining the flame, the duo place it within their Quester Robo Blaze to burn anything through a vent within the machine. After being angered with Gai massively damaging Eiji, Sakura pilots Ultimate DaiBouken towards the mech regardless of the flame firing directly at it making it reach melting temperatures before annihilating the Quester Robo point blank with the Ultimate Blaster, destroying it and reclaiming the Precious.Task 31: The Flame of the Ruined Country

Ship of Light

A galleon ship stated to travel at the speed of light; targeted by Dark Shadow, they decide to create an "Adventurer School" to gain the necessary sacrifices for summoning it, ultimately including Souta and Natsuki (Akashi attempted to get in but they intentionally failed him), but the Boukengers stopped them before they could do so.Task 32: The Secret of the Adventure School

God's Head

An artifact created by an ancient civilization, it is said to be akin to a computer CPU, with the mental capacity to run even modern technology systems for both positive and negative purposes. The three original Boukengers (Akashi, Souta and Sakura) had previously tried to obtain the Precious, but it had eluded them at the time until Souta had tracked it down to the Dark Shadow obtaining it. The ninja team tries to create two different points where the Precious would be given up, which the Boukengers try to infiltrate simultaneously. However it was a trick with both set up as traps: Yaiba lead Masumi, Natsuki and Eiji into combat with himself and Karths while Shizuka trapped Souta and Sakura in a science complex taken over by the supposed God's Head, but in actuality the Tsukumogami Mamorigami. The true God's Head appeared to be actually sold off to a person in the black market, but ultimately the Boukengers had one-upped the Dark Shadow: the informant they sold it to was Akashi in disguise, while the Akashi who appeared to help them out was actually Morio sent to make them think that the whole team was there and that their mission had failed.Task 35: The Head of God

Mountain Crushing Kanabo

A massive kanabo used in the legend of Momotarō by the Oni he fought with the ability to destroy mountains. The Questers steal the kanabo in hoping to use it's legendary power in their latest Quester Robo, Radial; but their taking it also reawakens Momotarō himself, who arrives in a peach and is raised by Akashi and Eiji. Though given the name of just "Tarō", the boy still had an obligation ultimately to fight to regain the kanabo back. In the midst of a battle where the Boukenger find themselves nearly defeated by the Quester Robo, Tarō ultimately uses his super-strength to prevent the kanabo from crushing DaiVoyager, protecting his parents and allowing them to defeat the mech. Ultimately, Tarō takes the kanabo with him as he returned to the mountains in his peach so it could never be utilized again.Task 36: The Oni's Kanabou

Jewel of Prosperity

A huge light-blue gemstone which rests on top of a ring generally possessed by the rich and famous. (to the point that it was sold to it's current owner for five-million yen in India) However while the ring itself normally appears to be harmless, the exposure of the gem to the air builds up a negative chemical reaction until it causes a massive explosion every hundred years. While this typically would lead to the ring being destroyed to prevent this from happening, many factions wish to possess the ring to use this once-a-century event as a potential power source.

The Boukengers track the ring down to the famed television actor Tanbara, upon which they force Sakura to take the ring, replace it with a fake and place it within a sealing liquid to prevent it's centennial explosion within a short period of time. However, to get the ring she ends up enduring many embarrassing moments, including being forced to learn all of Tanbara's bad puns to react to them correctly as well as dressing up as a perky, pigtailed idol interviewer to get close enough to make the switch. While appearing to get the ring in the interview, Tanbara had switched the real ring out with a fake due to his own paranoia. However, the Jaryuu had an insider tracking the ring down as well, making their own version of the TV mascot Denbey to take the ring during a commercial shoot Tanbara was also asked to do. With the fake Denbey taking the ring and with seconds to go, Sakura storms the set, takes the ring and seals it just as it explodes, preventing any damage and securing the jewel for SGS.Task 37: The Yearned-For Showbiz World

  • Hazard Level: 270

Rainbow Cloth

A special cloth used by Onmyouji in order to transform into different disguises and forms during their travels. The cloth is found by Shizuka, who uses the material to wrap herself within to become the "ultimate" of whatever she desires, whether a female gunman, a martial artist, a truck or, ultimately, a "super kunoichi" form. However the cloth unexpectedly also makes a stray tortoise-shell cat transform into a girl after a piece of it tore off during Shizuka's journey back to Dark Shadow's headquarters. The cat, giving herself the name of Miyu, goes to SGS to be with Souta, whom she admires due to him taking care of her in an alleyway as he was on a date. However the duo ends up encountering Shizuka, who uses her new cloth powers to easily defeat Bouken Blue in battle. Ultimately, the Boukengers realize that while those who wear the cloth are invincible anywhere wrapped within it, the piece that was torn off to create Miyu ended up creating a weak point, which the cat sniffs out and directs Souta to attack with the Dual Crusher. Angered, Shizuka uses the cloth to grow into a giant, but the combination of Ultimate DaiBouken with Zubaan's sword mode finally rips the material off of her body and turns her back to normal. The final piece of the cloth on Miyu is returned to Souta when he promises to adopt her as his new cat.Task 38: The Rainbow Cloth

  • Hazard Level: 120

Prometheus' Stone

A strange sentient stone that was originally found within the salty waters of the Aegean Sea, it weirdly possesses an Osakan accent due to spending all of it's time after discovery in SGS's Osaka branch. Due to it's rash personality, it can easily become angered, to the point that it will explode if angry enough destroying everything within a one kilometer radius. When the Boukengers are presented with the stone, they are forced to keep it happy while trying to figure out a way to prevent it's explosion. Embarrasing themselves with various costumes and performances inspired by Morio, Souta discovers that the only way to keep it from exploding is with the salt of the Aegean, which they force Zubaan to get on an errand. Ultimately, the stone's attempt to show a pratfall sets it off, with the Boukengers deciding to hold on and go out as a team just as Zubaan arrives in time with the salt. Yet with the countdown complete, the stone reveals it was all a test set up by Morio to test their teamwork skills and devotion to their job.Task 39: The Prometheus Stone

  • Hazard Level: 60

Mercurius Vessel

An artifact used by alchemists for the combination of other artifacts, most notably Precious, for the creation of another object. Sealed away within a cave typically sealed off by water, the Questers calculated the period when the water would recede enough to gain the vessel to use it for their own purpose. Although the Boukengers themselves knew that the Precious was in danger, they disregarded orders in retrieval to help Eiji defeat the remnant Ashu Ouga instead. Then, with the manipulation of the other three Negative Syndicates, the Questers gain the three Precious required to create the Ultimate Artificial Lifeform Homunculus, which they gained control of with their Quester Jet Over to easily defeat the Boukengers, betray the Negatives and begin their destruction of the world. Akashi attempts a suicide attack using SirenBuilder to stop the Homuculus, but the other Boukenger prevent him from doing so, leading to a combined assault with all mechs. Ultimately it takes Eiji's return with GoGoVoyager to lead to a combined final attack with DaiBouken, GoGoVoyager and Zubaan, destroying the monster and ultimately allowing for the Boukenger to finally kill the Questers and regain the vessel.Task 40: The Western AshuTask 41: The Mercurius VesselTask 42: The Age of the Questers

Calcucedus Staff

A mystical alchemic staff that can fire a purple lightning, the Questers used Gajah to utilize Gordom mysticism to release it. They use it to form the Homunculus' skeleton in the Mercurius Vessel.Task 41: The Mercurius Vessel

  • Hazard Level: 134

Philosopher's Herb

A mystical alchemic plant that the Questers manipulate Ryuuwon and the Jaryuu to retrieve within the heart of the volcanic Mt. Genbu. They use it to form the Homunculus' blood.Task 41: The Mercurius Vessel

Paracelsus' Mercury

A mystical alchemic metal that the Questers manipulate Shizuka and Yaiba to steal from a chemist museum with high security. They use it to form the Homunculus' flesh.Task 41: The Mercurius Vessel


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Although identified as a Precious by SGS devices, this lamp is one of the sacred treasures of Magitopia and the main weapon of Heavenly Saint Sungel, who also fights as "MagiShine" of the Mahou Sentai Magiranger. Within the lamp resides the cat-like genie known as Smoky, who both assists others in combat and allows for one wish to be granted by anyone who finds him. The lamp was hidden on Earth for 15 years after a climactic battle between Sungel and the traitorous Heavenly Saint Raigel until rediscovered by the Magiranger and assisting alongside his master in their war against Infershia.

  • Hazard Level: 285

Staff of the Three Philosophers

A staff that is created by Time Demon God Chronos using the power and bodies of three powerful mages he revives with Gordom Engines: Sorcery Priest Meemy of the Underground Hades Empire Infershia, Duchess Org TsueTsue of the Demon Tribe Org and First Spear, Furabiijo of the Universal Ninja Group Jakanja. Alongside his already great power, Chronos uses the staff to increase his abilities as well as his own size, becoming powerful enough to even deflect back DaiVoyager's attack! It is with the combination of the Legendary Sentai team lead by AkaRed (which included Eiji of the Boukenger) that DaiVoyager gained a "Burning Legend" mode allowing it to use the power of the 30 Super Sentai to destroy Chronos and the staff, likewise sending the three mages used to create it into oblivion.GoGo Sentai Boukenger vs. Super Sentai

  • Hazard Level: 666


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Demon Bird's Magic Jewel

A blue statue of a bird, presumably an owl, which rests within Hermit's Gorge sealed away long ago by a powerful ninja. Within the statue is the demonic energy of a powerful demon bird that caused havoc on a night when the moon was "split into three". As the bird rampaged, a powerful ninja confronted it but was only able to stop it's rampage by sealing a portion of the demonic energy within his own body. By sealing the energy, this ninja himself changed into a bird but was able to contain the remaining energy in a statue so that the creature would never rampage again. Hermit's Gorge ultimately became holy ground for the ninja clan due to the statue residing there, which would ultimately evolve into the Dark Shadow Negative Syndicate.

Although Dark Shadow knew of the sacred meaning of Hermit's Gorge, Gekkou had forbidden them from meddling with the Precious located there. However seeing the need to eliminate the Boukenger, Yaiba leads Shizuka to the location to unseal the statue while inviting the Boukengers on a "hot springs trip" to the location, ultimately drawing out Natsuki, Souta and Eiji to there. But with the statue of the demon bird unsealed, Gekkou began to lose his own power as the ceremony for the demon's return began to take effect. Tricking Natsuki under his own control, Gekkou leads her to the statue site where he tells her his story and the importance of resealing the statue. However Yaiba forbade it, preventing Gekkou and even betraying all of Dark Shadow due to his own motives. As the ceremony completed, the demonic energy reawoken within Gekkou turning him into the Demon Bird and forcing him to battle the Boukengers with a horrifying rampage against DaiVoyager. Ultimately wishing to protect him and seeing Gekkou's good intention, Natsuki and Eiji reseal the statue changing Gekkou back, but not before permanently damaging Yaiba's position in the clan due to hurting his leader as well as Shizuka. After the incident, the entire Hermit's Gorge was sealed off by SGS to prevent the effect of the Demon Bird statue from ever taking hold again.Task 44: The Hermit's OnsenTask 45: The Evilest Wicked Dragon

  • Hazard Level: 600

Three Headed Dragon of Darkness

A scepter with the engraving of a three-headed dragon upon it's top, stated to possess a powerful dark energy within it and the power to unleash a wave of darkness from space upon the world. The Precious can only be utilized by those with the proper darkness within their hearts. Seeing this as the power he needed to finally rule the world, Ryuuwon headed to the temple where the artifact had been sealed alongside the most powerful Wicked Dragon he could create: the eccentric Tagargin. However in the midst of the Boukenger's battle, the staff appears to leave the temple and fly underground away from everyone. When it finally returns, it lands in the hand of Masumi, long believed to have possessed a darkness within him by Yaiba and manipulated by the former Dark Shadow ninja to allow for Bouken Black to finally release it's true potential.

The power of the scepter allows for Masumi to gain increased strength from his latent potential but he initially rejects it but does not store it away seeing the power it possesses. Yaiba continues to tempt and taunt Masumi to take the Precious, seeing that he is the only one who can use it properly as opposed to even the former Dark Shadow ninja. When Masumi finally does take the Precious after finally realizing it's potential, Yaiba ultimately manipulates him to create a dome to prevent the other Boukengers from saving him, while sending a mass of dark energy towards Earth in hopes of coating the world in darkness where only those with darkness within them can survive. However, Masumi finally realizes the light that existed with his connection between himself and the other Boukengers, allowing him to reject the scepter and release himself from it's control to finish off Yaiba forever while the other Boukengers destroy the darkness mass with Ultimate DaiBouken. Though he allows for his teammates to collect the Precious, he leaves the team in order to find his true self.Task 45: The Evilest Wicked DragonTask 46: The Awakened Darkness

Pandora's Box

Main article: Gordom Minions#Desperado

As revealed in Greek mythology, Pandora's Box was the box that possessed all of the evil and darkness in the world, released when the naïve Pandora opened it. This Precious was separated between key and box, to prevent either from being near one another so the box would not open again. Ryuuwon tracks down the key and takes it in a desperate attempt to find one more Precious to allow him to have power long enough until he regained the Egg of Lemuria, but Gajah steals it from him using enhanced powers tied to three Gordom Engines within his own body, with his own idea of using the box to "destroy all Precious". Once he tracks down the box, he opens it and sucks in all of the darkness within, before using it alongside the Gordom Engines to create his most powerful minion: Desperado, named as such due to "despair" being the last thing to leave Pandora's Box.Task 47: The Box of Despair

Desperado had enough power to hold off the Boukengers while Gajah reclaimed and absorbed the Heart of Gordom within the wreckage of the SGS's Precious Bank, leaving it to find the Brain of Gordom which was stored elsewhere. The Boukengers, evicerated due to Masumi's abandonment of the team and Akashi's believed death in a final battle with Ryuuwon, tried to hold on even as SGS shut down all Parallel Engines for their powers due to Gajah's ability to absorb the Precious energy within them. Ultimately, Masumi's return finally allowed for the team to stand up to Desperado, with multiple attacks of the Dual Crusher's Drill Head finally appearing to destroy the "darkness". Although Gajah tried to revive it and make it grow, Akashi's return with DaiVoyager allowed for the team to defeat the monster of Pandora's Box with the combination of their mech and Zubaan.Task 48: The Fearsome High PriestLast Task: The Endless Adventure Spirits

  • Hazard Level: 800

The Ru Yi Bang of Sun Wukong

A staff utilized by Sun Wukong (Son Goku) in the Chinese novel Journey to the West. Both Dark Shadows and the remaining Jaryuu fight each other over it once it was found, but the remnant Boukengers (Masumi, Souta, Natsuki, Eiji) easily take it back from them.Last Task: The Endless Adventure Spirits

The Heart of Hades

Heart of Hades (黄泉の心臓 Yomi no Shinzō?) is a Precious with the power to resurrect the dead and imbue them with limitless power. The last surviving Jaryuu obtained the Precious and used it to revive Ryuuwon, with the Gokaigers taking the item and giving it to Satoru.


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