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"Keisatsu Sentai Patranger!"
―roll call

The Patrangers are the 43rd Super Sentai team,[1] and second of the VS Sentai. They are composed of the three-man Tactical Unit (戦力部隊 Senryoku Butai) assembled by the Global Special Police Organization Japan Branch to track down the Interdimensional Crime Group Gangler and retrieve the stolen treasures of the Lupin Collection. Despite being reliable allies on many occasions, due to their common beliefs about their Lupinrangers, they often prove to be more of a nuisance instead help, as they often provide the threat of destroying a collection piece.

Team Members

Designation Name Actor
Patren 1gou Keiichiro Asaka Kousei Yuuki
Patren 2gou Satoru Shinonome

[2] Sakuya Hikawa

Hirotaka Hatano Ryo Yokoyama
Patren 3gou Tsukasa Myoujin Kazusa Okuyama
Patren X Noel Takao Seiya Motoki

Team History

Officers of the Global Special Police Organization Japan Branch, Keiichiro Asaka, Sakuya Hikawa and Tsukasa Myoujin comprised a three-man tactical unit established to counter the Interdimensional Crime Group Gangler. On a night shift, the three officers were sent to shut down the illegal casino of Gangler Monster Ruretta Gerou, only to be beaten by the notorious phantom thieves, the Lupinrangers. On the following day, the Tactical Unit were alerted by accountant robot Jim Carter to a Gangler incursion at the Kurehama Pier, which coincided with their receiving of the VS Changers, devices provided to counter the Gangler, by Commander Hilltop. Confronting the Gangler whom they found engaged in a fight with the Lupinrangers, the three GSPO officers, intending to arrest all parties, used the VS Changers to transform into the Patrangers for the first time. Number 1: The Troublemaking Phantom Thieves

In the ensuing battle, Nargo took his leave as the two Sentai fought, with the Lupinrangers eventually taking off in their enlarged Dial Fighters. Though the Patrangers took pursuit in the Trigger Machines, the police were ultimately eluded by the Lupinrangers. Once Nargo returned to wreak havoc, the Patrangers rushed to intercept him, again coming second to the Lupinrangers, however, once the thieves reclaimed Nargo's piece of the Lupin Collection, Kairi was content to leave him to the Patrangers who, provided with the sentient Lupin Collection piece GoodStriker, combined into Patren Ugou for the first time to perform their finisher and destroy him. Nargo was revived and enlarged immediately after, at which point the Lupinrangers rejoined the fray to engage him in their Fighters, with GoodStriker choosing to leave the Patrangers and provide his power to form the Kaitou Gattai LupinKaiser and destroy Gangler Monster once and for all. Following this, the Tactical Unit officers entered the Bistrot Jurer, where the thieves had hidden with GoodStriker. Number 2: International Police, Chase After Them

Oblivious to the thieves' identities, the officers had intended to eat at the Bistro but were called away before they could order. Confronting Namero Bacho, the Patrangers were again met with the Lupinrangers, with the situation being further complicated when Patren 2gou lost his VS Changer to Lupin Blue before being immobilized by Namero's adhesive while his Changer was retrieved by 3gou, allowing the Gangler to get away. While Keiichiro scolded Sakuya for incompetence, Hilltop suggested that he make up for it as an anonymous eyewitness pointed the GSPO to Studio Bacho. Unbeknownst to the Patrangers, they had been used as bait by the Lupinrangers, who moved to acquire the Qui a fait qui as the police officers were all incapacitated upon entering the studio. However, Sakuya proved his worth by freeing himself and his team who, catching up with the Gangler, were met by GoodStriker, who used his power to combine their Trigger Machines into the Keisatsu Gattai PatKaiser for the first time, allowing them to destroy the enlarged Namero, at which point they were ejected as GoodStriker took his leave. Their work for the day done, the GSPO officers resumed their dinner date at the Bistrot Jurer. Number 3: Take Them Back No Matter What

Number 4: Unacceptable Relationship

Number 5: Targeted, the International Police


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Transformation Devices

Individual Weapons and Team Weapon

Side Arms


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Alternate Combinations



Super Sentai Full Bottle

Super Sentai Fullbottle

Super Sentai FullbottleIcon-crosswiki (スーパー戦隊フルボトル Sūpā Sentai Furubotoru): Used by Build to Best Match with Kamen Rider and access Super Hero Time Form. This bottle features the likeness of Lupin Red and Patren 1gou.


  • Patranger is the first main Super Sentai team that does not have a Blue Ranger.
  • Patranger's name is a play on the English words "patrol" and "Ranger".
  • The Patrangers have a sound or letters in their names that spell out a word when lined up. In this case, it is "Keisatsu", the Japanese word for "police".
    • Keiichiro Asaka
    • Sakuya Hikawa
    • Tsukasa Myoujin
      • The insignia for the Patrangers is an S, while the Lupinrangers' insignia is a V. This references the "VS" in the show's title.
  • The Patrangers are the first rangers since Nanami Nono (Hurricane Blue) to use a megaphone themed weapon.
  • The Patrangers are the first rangers to be able to merge into one multicolored ranger.
    • However, the idea of merging rangers together was seen when Yamato and Bud became Zyuoh Condor.
    • The concept of 3 Tokusatsu heroes merging into 1 body has also been used by the Tokusatsu hero Triple Fighter from the show of the same name.
  • The team appears to be a combination of Dekaranger and Go-Busters. Just like the Dekarangers, they are a police-themed team, and just like the Go-Busters, they are on a mission.
  • Despite being in the 42nd Super Sentai Series, the Patrangers are officially classified as the 43rd Sentai Team. [9]
    • This is fitting, as the Lupinrangers are established as having been formed in 2017, a year prior to the Patrangers. Meanwhile, the 41st Super Sentai, the Kyurangers, while residing in their own universe, were introduced to the prime timeline by their first crossover with Space Squad.
    • Therefore, this marks the first Super Sentai team to not have a blue ranger.




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