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This article is about a/an set of recurring stereotypical characters in the Power Rangers franchise.

Foot Soldiers or Enemy Grunts is the collective name for the army of henchmen that serves the main villains of a Power Ranger season. They are usually sent down to wear down the Rangers before the Monster-of-the-day attacks, or create diversions while a more powerful minion carries out a phase of a plan. Often they can disguise themselves as humans for various missions. They can usually be defeated quite easily.

After they have been defeated in combat, the battered foot soldiers typically disappear or teleport away. In most cases it is unclear whether this means that they are destroyed, or if they merely teleport back to their evil base to recover. There are a few exceptions to this: Z-Putties are clearly destroyed, as they are seen to break apart, whereas Tengas are clearly not destroyed, as they usually fly away after a battle. In Operation Overdrive, foot soldiers are frequently destroyed.

Foot SoldiersEdit

These are standard foot soldiers and grunts in the Power Rangers franchise.

Elite Foot SoldiersEdit

These are foot soldiers of a higher rank. They are generally stronger than normal soldiers and are commonly sent in much smaller numbers, with usually two or three accompanying a fleet. They are normally shown to have speaking capabilities and some can be grown giant to assist an already giant monster or villain.

Giant Foot SoldiersEdit

These are foot soldiers or grunts that can fight against the rangers' zords. While they sometimes are nothing more than giant version of standard footsoldiers, they can also be their own species. Usually one or two of these monsters are sent at a time, usually in place of a monster or to distract the rangers. They can also be summoned, usually in pairs, to aide an already giant monster or villain.

List of Foot Soldiers By SeriesEdit

Mighty Morphin Power RangersEdit

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The MovieEdit

Power Rangers: ZeoEdit

Power Rangers: TurboEdit

Power Rangers in SpaceEdit

Power Rangers Lost GalaxyEdit

Power Rangers Lightspeed RescueEdit

Power Rangers Time ForceEdit

Power Rangers Wild ForceEdit

Power Rangers Ninja StormEdit

Power Rangers Dino ThunderEdit

Power Rangers SPDEdit

Power Rangers Mystic ForceEdit

Power Rangers Operation OverdriveEdit

Power Rangers Jungle FuryEdit

Power Rangers: R.P.M.Edit

Power Rangers: Samurai and Super Samurai Edit

  • Moogers - Used by Master Xandred
    • Master Blasters - Use specialized "Laser Blasters".
    • Giant Moogers - Used in Megazord Battles
      • Flying Moogers - A variation of Giant Moogers that can fly.
      • Colossal Mooger Cannon Company - Carry a gigantic cannon intended for attacking Megazord combinations.
  • Spitfangs - Another variation of Nighlok foot-soldiers also used by Master Xandred utilized for heavy ranged attacks.
  • Papyrox. - Papermade giant monsters used by Serrator

Power Rangers: MegaforceEdit

Power Rangers: Super MegaforceEdit

Power Rangers: Dino Charge and Dino Super ChargeEdit

Power Rangers Ninja Steel and Super Ninja SteelEdit


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