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"Negative Syndicates" (ネガティブシンジケート Negatibu Shinjikēto) is the official operations term used by SGS in reference to Precious-hunting villain factions who would use the Precious for their own malicious ends. As such, they often find themselves at odds with SGS' team, the Boukengers. They also at times find themselves at odds with each other. The known Negative Syndicate factions are the:

Later history

Following the successive downfalls of the Questers, Yaiba, Ryuuwon and Gajah, the Negative Syndicates were reduced to just two: the Dark Shadow consisting of only Gekkou and Shizuka, and a now headless Jaryuu Clan of Dragonoid Soldiers following their late king's will. The Negatives' status degraded to the level of nuisances to the point that when both Syndicates re-emerged to take the Ru Yi Bang of Sun Wukong half a year after Gajah's defeat, they were easily thwarted by the remnant Boukengers who were reduced to team of four led by Masumi Inou after Satoru Akashi and Sakura Nishihori left Earth to search for Precious in space. Last Task: The Endless Adventure Spirits

Behind the scenes

The Negative Syndicates collectively serve as the evil organization in the 30th Super Sentai Series entry GoGo Sentai Boukenger (2006-07).

"Negative Syndicate" as used in Boukenger is a special term used in-show referring generally to the villains. As such they are in no way one team. Not since Gingaman had the concept of varying villain factions been used for a show.


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