This article is about a/an group of villains in Power Rangers Dino Thunder.
Mesogog's army
Dino Thunder
Led by: Mesogog
Generals and other Notable Members: Elsa, Zeltrax, White Ranger Clone, Tutenhawken
Monster Types: Power Rangers Dino Thunder Monsters
Base: Mesogog's Island Fortress
Grunts/Footsoldiers: Tyrannodrones, Triptoids
Battled: Dino Thunder Rangers
Teamed up with: Lothor's Army
Chronological/Production Order
Lothor's Army
Troobian Empire

Mesogog's army is the main Villainous faction in Power Rangers Dino Thunder. It is lead by the mutant Dinosaur Mesogog. He is assisted by Elsa and Zeltrax. It's main goal is to return the Earth to the age of the Dinosaurs.


The monsters in the Dino Thunder series are referred to by Mutation. Each Mutation is created in the Geno-Randomizer by combining the DNA of an animal, the DNA of a plant, and the molecular structure of an inanimate object. When defeated, Mesogog uses the Hydro-Regenerator to make the Mutation grow.

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