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This article is about a/an set of rangers in Power Rangers Super Megaforce
Historic Rangers
Super Megaforce
Led by: [[Tommy Oliver]]
Teamed up with: Mega Rangers
Chronological/Production Order

The Historic Rangers[1], also known as the Legendary Rangers, is a term referring to a collusion of all the veteran Power Rangers that predate and include the Mega Rangers. They join together to fight the coming Armada.

Character History


On his way to school, falling asleep on his school bus, Troy Burrows has a dream of an army of Power Rangers battling a horde of battleships and gray grunts. Mega Mission Later on, Troy has the dream again, this time, with parts that weren't seen after the charge, and several Red Rangers were featured fighting the gray grunts just before Troy woke up. Stranger Ranger Troy also reveals his dream to the other rangers Prince Takes Knight


1 Red Ranger
2 Blue Ranger
3 Yellow Ranger
4 Black Ranger
5 Pink Ranger
6 Red Aquitar Ranger
7 Blue Aquitar Ranger
8 Yellow Aquitar Ranger
9 Black Aquitar Ranger
10 White Aquitar Ranger
11 Zeo Ranger V Red
12 Zeo Ranger III Blue
13 Zeo Ranger II Yellow
14 Zeo Ranger IV Green
15 Zeo Ranger I Pink
16 Red Turbo Ranger
17 Blue Turbo Ranger
18 Yellow Turbo Ranger
19 Green Turbo Ranger
20 Pink Turbo Ranger
21 Red Space Ranger
22 Blue Space Ranger
23 Yellow Space Ranger
24 Black Space Ranger
25 Pink Space Ranger
26 Galaxy Red
27 Galaxy Blue
28 Galaxy Yellow
29 Galaxy Green
30 Galaxy Pink
31 Red Lightspeed Ranger
32 Blue Lightspeed Ranger
33 Yellow Lightspeed Ranger
34 Green Lightspeed Ranger
35 Pink Lightspeed Ranger
36 Time Force Red
37 Time Force Blue
38 Time Force Yellow
39 Time Force Green
40 Time Force Pink
41 Red Wild Force Ranger
42 Blue Wild Force Ranger
43 Yellow Wild Force Ranger
44 Black Wild Force Ranger
45 White Wild Force Ranger
46 Red Wind Ranger
47 Blue Wind Ranger
48 Yellow Wind Ranger
49 Crimson Thunder Ranger
50 Navy Thunder Ranger
51 Red Dino Ranger
52 Blue Dino Ranger
53 Yellow Dino Ranger
54 Black Dino Ranger
55 SPD Red Ranger
56 SPD Blue Ranger
57 SPD Yellow Ranger
58 SPD Green Ranger
59 SPD Pink Ranger
60 Red Mystic Ranger
61 Blue Mystic Ranger
62 Yellow Mystic Ranger
63 Green Mystic Ranger
64 Pink Mystic Ranger
65 Red Overdrive Ranger
66 Blue Overdrive Ranger
67 Yellow Overdrive Ranger
68 Black Overdrive Ranger
69 Pink Overdrive Ranger
70 Jungle Fury Red Ranger
71 Jungle Fury Blue Ranger
72 Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger
73 Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger
74 Jungle Fury Rhino Ranger
75 Ranger Operator Series Red
76 Ranger Operator Series Blue
77 Ranger Operator Series Yellow
78 Ranger Operator Series Green
79 Ranger Operator Series Black
80 Red Samurai Ranger
81 Blue Samurai Ranger
82 Yellow Samurai Ranger
83 Green Samurai Ranger
84 Pink Samurai Ranger
85 Megaforce Red
86 Megaforce Blue
87 Megaforce Yellow
88 Megaforce Black
89 Megaforce Pink
90 Green Ranger
91 White Ranger
92 Gold Ranger
93 Silver Ranger
94 Titanium Ranger[2]
95 Quantum Ranger
96 Lunar Wolf Ranger
97 Samurai Ranger
98 White Dino Ranger
99 Omega Ranger
100 Solaris Knight
101 Mercury Ranger
102 Ranger Operator Series Gold
103 Ranger Operator Series Silver
104 Gold Samurai Ranger
105 Robo Knight
106 Magna Defender II
107 SPD Shadow Ranger
108 Wolf Warrior



  • As of "Mega Mission" it's not yet revealed whether or not the Extra Rangers (aside from the second Magna Defender and the S.P.D. Shadow Ranger), or the Ranger-like allies are going to be included with the Historic Rangers.
  • The Phantom Ranger, the Power Rangers-exclusive Rangers, and Nova Ranger are most likely not going to be included with the Historic Rangers, because of them not having Keys.[3] However, in spite of not having a key, Titanium Ranger has been confirmed to appear.
  • The Rangers are fighting X Borgs and Bruisers which are the counterparts of the Gormin and Sugormin (foot soldiers).
  • It is not yet revealed how the second generation Turbo Rangers (not including Blue Ranger) and Space Rangers (not including Red and Silver)  are fighting together, as they were the same people just with different powers. Tommy's four identities as Zeo Ranger V, Green Ranger, White Ranger and Black Dino Ranger are yet to be explained, but they could be like Wild West Rangers, and Return of the Green Ranger, Fighting Spirit, The Robot Ranger, and History, where they were either from different times, were spirits, robot duplicate rangers, get their powers brought back with future technology respectively.
  • It is currently not explained how various ranger groups that had lost their powers (Such as the original Mighty Morphin, Wild Force, Ninja Storm, etc) managed to regain their powers.

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