This article is about a/an villainous program in Power Rangers Ninja Steel.
Galaxy Warriors
Ninja Steel
Galvanax GW
Led by: Galvanax
and later by: Madame Odius
Generals and other Notable Members: Ripcon
Madame Odius
Cosmo Royale
Aiden Romero (robot)
Princess Viera (formerly)
Monster Types: Galvanax's Warrior Contestants
Base: Warrior Dome Ship
Grunts/Footsoldiers: Kudabots
Basher Bots
Battled: Ninja Steel Rangers
Chronological/Production Order
Lord Arcanon's Crew

Galaxy Warriors is a popular intergalactic TV game show where contestants battle to prove who is the most powerful warrior.


It is led by its reigning champion Galvanax and its fights are held in the Warrior Dome. When Brody Romero took the Ninja Nexus Prism which contained the mythical Ninja Power Stars, Galavanx sent his warriors one-by-one to Earth to bring it back to him so he can become invincible and rule the universe.

Cosmo Royale serves as the show's announcer and commentator.

In the Warrior Dome, Cosmo Royale promotes the Ninja Star where whoever wins the competition would be a great warrior like Galvanax. The first fight is between Lavagor of the Extenz System vs. Korvaka of the Ninninger Galaxy. Korvaka easily destroys Lavagor. The Ninja Prism rejected Korvaka and Cosmo Royale offered a trip to the hospital as a consolation prize. Galvanax was not pleased with the outcome. Return of the Prism

Forged in Steel

Live and Learn

Presto Change-O

Drive to Survive

My Friend, Redbot

Hack Attack

Gold Rush

Rocking and Rolling

The Ranger Ribbon

Poisonous Plots

Family Fusion


  • The show's crew and constestants are seemingly themed after yokai (Japanese creatures) due to their Sentai counterparts being themed after the former. In a coincidence, another space villain faction, the Space Shogunate Jark Matter, has its villains themed after cryptids, though the cryptid theme in the Jark Matter is universal cryptid instead of limited to a Japanese cryptid.
  • Some of the past villains and monsters have their suits recycled as members of the Galaxy Warriors audience where they are duplicated through CGI. They include:



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