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The Five Warrior Gods comprise the lowest tier of the Infershia Pantheon.

  • Hades Warrior God Ifrit (冥府神イフリート, Meifubushin Efurīto, 35 & 36) is the first to do combat with the Magirangers.
  • Hades Warrior God Cyclops (冥府神サイクロプス, Meifubushin Saikuropusu, 35-38) is a sniper who fought the Magirangers after Ifrit.
  • Hades Warrior God Toad (冥府神トード, Meifubushin Tōdo, 35-46) is the god who kidnapped Miyuki Ozu.
  • Hades Warrior God Wyvern (冥府神ワイバーン, Meifubushin Waibān, 35-46) is one of the more compassionate of the gods, particularly towards Vancuria.
  • Hades Warrior God Titan (冥府神ティターン, Meifubushin Titān, 35-46) shows compassion for the creatures of the surface, but is punished by his fellow God.

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