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Several times during the Super Sentai' series, certain villains have piloted Mecha.

Deathdark (Goggle V)

Kongs are usually modeled after the Mozoos who pilot them (but exceptions exist, see below). They have blue cockpits on their heads and disproportionately large legs, presumably to support their enormous weight and to aid in mobilization. Episode 16 had no Kong.

Gear (Bioman)

Mecha Gigans

Neo Mecha Gigans


Volt (Liveman)

Vyram (Jetman)

Bandora's Gang (Zyuranger)

Bowzock (Carranger)

Evilmagic Mecha

Nejirejia (Megaranger)

Londers Family (Timeranger)

Jakanja (Hurricaneger)

  • Karakuri Giant Megatagame Mark I (15)
    • Karakuri Giant Megatagame Mark II (Hurrier) (28)
    • Karakuri Giant Megatagame Mark III (42)

Evolien (Abaranger)

Alienizer (Dekaranger)

Most of the Alienizer criminals this season utilize "Kaijuki" (a play on "Kaijuu", the term used for "monster", thus making them "monster machines") sold by Heavy Industrial Machines, a company that specializes in the making and selling of giant robots for the black market. Several of these mechs are sold to the Alienizers by Earth black-market representative Rainian Agent Abrella and are either piloted themselves or using a Mechanoid while they commit a crime.

  • Heavy Industrial Machine Devil Capture 1 (3)
    • Heavy Industrial Machine Devil Capture 3 (12)*
    • Heavy Industrial Machine Devil Capture 4 (14)
    • Heavy Industrial Machine Devil Capture 5 (30)*
    • Heavy Industrial Machine Devil Capture 6 (36)
  • Heavy Industrial Machine Shinobi Shadow 2 (19)
  • Heavy Industrial Machine Terrible Terror 2 (24)
  • Heavy Industrial Machine Knight Chaser 2 (35)*

Infershia (Magiranger)

Negative Syndicates (Boukenger)

Giant Gods (Gordom Civiliazation)

Great Evil Dragons (Jaryuu Tribe)

Quester Robo (Questers)

After becoming equipped with the Gordom Engine after their supposed "deaths", Furious Demon God Gai and Grand Beast Rei of the Ashu Tribe transformed into the "Questers" and must rely on mecha in order to continue their battles with the Boukenger, due to already sacrificing their giant forms in their original lives.

Other Mecha

Mechung Fu (Gekiranger)

Zangyack (Gokaiger)

Vaglass (Go-Busters)

During a failed experiment that created the sentient computer virus Messiah, a portion of the Energy Management Center facility was teleported into Hyper Space, along with several MegaZords that were being researched upon. Messiah uses these MegaZords alongside the MetaRoids created to fight the Go-Busters, with the properties and attributes of both smaller and larger mechs matching.

Deboss (Kyoryuger)

On multiple occasions the Deboss Army have managed to take control of some of the ZyuDenRyu and use them for evil purposes.

Shadow Line (ToQger)

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