This article is about a/an team in Kanjani Sentai Eightranger, a show unrelated to Super Sentai or Power Rangers, but having similar traits.

The Eightrangers are roles taken on by real-life Japanese singing group Kanjani8. As the Eightrangers, they are the allies of justice who stand and fight for those in "Eight City", the fictional world where the skits take place. According to their theme song, they protect the world by picking up garbage in the park and their special attack is "Mugendai" or "Infinity". They promise to there for lock up the B.A.D Group in prison and help children, thus allowing the sun to look down upon everyone with its shining rays.

Respectively their names are by their Ranger Color, and their costume or "Eitings", all have the same uniformed look. At first Ohkura Tadayoshi was a pale green and Yokoyama Yuu was green for their Eight Colors, but in May 2006 during the " Kanjani Eight Concert Tour 2006 ' Funky Tokyo Osaka Nagoya ' " tour, Ohkura became green and Yokoyama became black respectively. During the skits, " Ranger " is omitted and their colors are said only.



As seen in the film.


The team out-of-suit

Red Subaru Shibutani
Yellow Ryo Nishikido
Orange Ryūhei Maruyama
Blue Shota Yasuda
Green Tadayoshi Ōkura
Purple Shingo Murakami
Black Yu Yokoyama

Team History

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