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The Disney Era is an unofficial term used for the seasons of Power Rangers produced by Disney in New Zealand.

Disney Seasons


The Disney Era came into being in 2001, when Disney bought Fox Family Worldwide, which included Power Rangers. While Power Rangers Wild Force is technically a Disney season, it was filmed and produced in Los Angeles, like the previous nine seasons. Because of this, Wild Force is generally associated with being a part of the Post-Zordon Era. The Disney Era would officially begin in 2003 with Power Rangers Ninja Storm, as it and the subsequent six seasons that followed were filmed in New Zealand. The Disney Era ended in 2009 with the conclusion of Power Rangers RPM. While the 2010 re-version of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was produced by Disney, it is not considered a season by Saban Brands. In May 2010, Saban reacquired Power Rangers and begin production on Power Rangers Samurai, which began airing in February 2011.


  • Power Rangers Dino Thunder, Power Rangers Mystic Force, and Power Rangers Operation Overdrive are the only seasons in this era that have ties to the Zordon Era. While the main villain in Power Rangers RPM is named Venjix, there is no connection with the General Venjix that appeared in Forever Red.
  • With the sole exception of Ninja Storm, all the seasons of the Disney era don't follow the traditional six hero format. Dino Thunder only featured five Rangers, while S.P.D., Mystic Force, Operation Overdrive, Jungle Fury, and RPM all feature at least seven Rangers or Ranger like allies.
    •  Ninja Storm is so far the only season of Power Rangers were the main 5 are actually 2 different teams
  • This is the only era with female Blue Rangers as Liveman and Jetman aired before Zyuranger and Zyuohger was skipped in favor of going back to Go-Busters by Hasbro and Saban
  • This is the first era where Yellow is the only female ranger on her team, followed by the Hasbro era
  • From this era on, at least one season will have Green and Black both be core members instead of being core and sixth like in the first season of MMPR or Lost Galaxy
  • This is so far the only era with  female Silver Rangers
  • This is the only era that did not culminate with an aniversary season
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