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Dimensional War Party Vyram
Led by: Back Dimensional Count Radiguet
and later by: Emperor Tranza
Generals and other Notable Members: Maria, Grey
Monster Types: (Bio) Dimensional Beasts
Base: Giant Demon Castle Vylock
Allies: Empress Juuza
Grunts/Footsoldiers: Grinam Soldiers
Battled: Jetmen
Other factions battled: Majin Ramon and Gorg
Chronological/Production Order
Silver Imperial Army Zone
Bandora Gang

The Dimensional War Party Vyram (次元戦団バイラム Jigen Sendan Bairamu) are the primary enemies of the Jetman. 


The Vyram appears as a clan of outer-dimensional nobles, who conquered many worlds in the Back Dimension, and are now moving on to Front Dimension, ours. They boast on being gods, while they despise humans and see them as stupid and worthless. Their base of operations was the Giant Demon Castle Vylock (巨大魔城バイロック Kyodai Majō Bairokku), a brain-shaped castle capable of traversing dimensions and sending its forces to Earth due to its Dimensional Transfer Machine. After their leader got lost in the Back Dimension, its four leading members compete in a game to defeat the Jetmen with the prize being full-leadership until one of them becomes powerful enough to assume command until he is deposed by Raidiguet, who leads Vyram up to its destruction.

Later history


The Grinam Soldiers were one of five groups of revived Foot Soldiers along with the Batzler Soldiers, Golem Soldiers, Cotpotros and Dorodoros, which were summoned by Zaigan in Emperor Daidas' invasion of Earth. The evil army was wiped out by a gathering of the five Super Sentai: Jetman, Fiveman, Zyuranger, Dairanger, and Kakuranger. Super Sentai World


Video Game appearances

Jetman video game

Dimensional War Party Vyram appear as the villains of the Choujin Sentai Jetman video game. In the 5 areas (area 6 is available after winning the first five), you play through with one of the five Jetman and then with Great Icarus against the boss. It also features a "battle mode" allowing the player to battle the bosses of any of the first five levels.

The areas and bosses include:



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