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Demons were monsters that have roamed the Earth for thousands of years and are the main antagonist army in Lightspeed Rescue. Their palace previously stood where Mariner Bay city is built. This is the reason they want to destroy the city, so they can rebuild the palace.


The Demons were said to have ruled the land around Mariner Bay five thousand years ago. They formed a real danger to early humans as they conquered and destroyed everything in their path. Fortunately, a powerful warlock arose and manged seal all the Demons in a tomb, where they remained imprisoned for thousands of years.

Around ten years before the series starts, William Mitchell was involved in a car crash, that would have probably caused his young son Ryan to fall from a cliff. Diabolico managed to spiritually project himself before Mitchell, giving him the choice to either let his son die, or save his life, but giving him to the Demon. Mitchell ultimately chose to let Diabolico save Ryan's life, after which the Demon took the boy with him, inside the tomb, raising him as his own son.

Years later, a group of nomads encounter the tomb in the desert. Hoping to find riches inside, they open the tomb, releasing the Demons inside. The Demons then return to their base in Skull Cavern, after which Diabolico took command and set his sights on destroying Mariner Bay, planning to rebuild their palace there once done. Their plans did not go smoothly however, as the organization of Lightspeed, specifically created to combat the Demons, fought back using their newly recruited team of Lightspeed Power Rangers.

After many failures against the Rangers, Diabolico sends out Ryan Mitchell to steal the newly created Titanium Morpher, hoping to use it against the Rangers. This plan is also fails, as William helps his son realize everything Diabolico told him about the car crash was a lie, making Ryan defect to the Rangers' side.

The Demons are soon after visited by the spiritual apparition of their ruler Queen Bansheera, who tells Diabolico that he should not fail her again, as she will give his much coveted Star Power to her son Impus. Diabolico, having become desperate at this point, sends out his final three monsters, Demonite, Thunderon and Falkar, at the same time. Despite putting up quite a fight, all three of them are also defeated by the Rangers. In one final attempt, Diabolico fuses his three monsters, but this fused monster is also destroyed by the Rangers' new Battle Boosters. Out of other options, Diabolico decides to take on the Rangers personally, but is destroyed by the Battle Boosters and the Lightspeed Solarzord.

His Star Power then transfers to Bansheera's son Impus, who evolves into an adult form named Olympius. Olympius, being the prince, tries to take over the leadership of the Demons, but is not taken seriously by the other generals, Vypra and Loki, due to his young age, and lack of experience.

Not long after Olympius' ascend, the Demons manage to partially restore Queen Bansheera's physical form. Due to the Rangers' interference, the queen could not be fully restored, resulting in her body being deformed. Olympius, angry that the Rangers caused his mother to be in such a state, expresses he wants to destroy them for this.

However, as Olympius' success rate is about as high as Diabolico's, Bansheera loses her patience and wants to put Vypra and Loki in charge. Olympius, overhearing this conversation, does not take kindly to this and attempts to destroy the two other Demons. The others survive this attempt and decide to take action against the Demon prince. To do so, Vypra manages to revive Diabolico from the spirit world. The trio then start planning behind Olympius' back.

Prince Olympius attempts to trap the Power Rangers in the Shadow World, But Diabolico vanishes the demon prince in the dimension. When Queen Batsheers hears that her son is banished in the dimension, she decides to let him rot there and points Diabolico in charge of the Demons.


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