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This article is about a/an list of deceased actors/actresses in the Power Rangers franchise.

This article covers Power Ranger-related actors who have passed away in order of their passing.

Bob Manahan

August 23, 1956 – June 30, 2000 (Age: 43)
Known as: Zordon's voice (from MMPR to In Space)

Erik Frank

October 14th 1971 - April 16th 2001 (Age: 29)

Known as: Tommy Oliver's brother David Trueheart (Zeo).

Was also the real-life brother of Tommy's actor Jason David Frank

Thuy Trang

December 14th 1973 - September 3rd 2001 (Age: 27)


Known as: Trini Kwan aka the first Yellow Ranger (Mighty Morphin)

Jack Banning

August 21st, 1931 - July 10th, 2005 (Age: 73)
Known as: Professor Phenomenus Ingenious (In Space and Lost Galaxy)

Bob Papenbrook

September 18, 1955 - March 17, 2006 (Age: 50)
Bob Pappenbrook
Known as: voices for Rito Revolto , Silo (1st voice), Punch-A-Bunch, Borax the Varox (voices, all minus Rito uncredited) Amphibidor, Torch Tiger (voices, uncredited) Sting King, Lunatick, Spikey (voices, uncredited) Deviot, Thunderclaw (voices) Univolt , Artillicon (voices) Bell Org (voice).

Machiko Soga

March 18th 1938 - May 7th 2006 (Age: 68)
Known as: Rita Repulsa (Mighty Morphin 1),

Mystic Mother (Mystic Force).

Edward Laurence Albert

February 20th 1951 - September 22nd 2006 (Age: 55)
Known as: Mr. Collins (Time Force)

Richard Grant

July 14, 1928 - December 24, 2007 (Age: 79)
Known as: Jera (Lost Galaxy)

Richard Genelle

October 12th 1961 - December 30th 2008 (Age: 47)
Known as: Ernie (Mighty Morphin to Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie)

Frank Salsedo

May 20th 1929 - July 3, 2009 (Age: 80)
Known as: Sam Trueheart (Zeo)

Peta Rutter

December 31, 1959 - July 20th 2010 (Age: 50)
Known as: Udonna aka White Mystic Ranger (Mystic Force)

Richard Rabago

August 14, 1943 - May 17, 2012 (Age: 68) Richard-rabago-hd Known as: Tao Chong in VR Troopers and Master Lee in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episode 48, Plague of the Mantis.

Maurice Mendoza

July 26, 1974 - August 13, 2013 (Age: 39) Mauricemendoza Known as: Richie in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 2.

Jon Simanton

September 4, 1970 - February 17, 2015 (Age:
Joe Simanton
Known as: Lerigot in Power Rangers Turbo.

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