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This article is about a set of rangers in the Power Rangers franchise.

The Black Ranger is a designation given to several Power Rangers characters. In the Sentai version of the show, the Black Ranger usually serves as second in command. Black Rangers are often part of the core Ranger team. When the Black Ranger is not in the core five Rangers, this position is usually taken by a Green Ranger. There has never been a female Black Ranger.

Main Black Rangers

Rangers Associated with Black

These Rangers have no specific classified color but are commonly associated with Black.

Alternate/Historic Rangers

Heroes with Debatable Ranger Status

Unique Evil Rangers

Enhancement Modes

Black Rangers who can assume Enhancement Modes.

Legendary Ranger Modes

Female Black

Female versions of the Black Rangers as seen in Super Megaforce. Costumes/Forms transformed by Super Megaforce Yellow Ranger and Super Megaforce Pink Ranger are equipped with skirts.

Chronological List of Black Rangers



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