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This article is about a/an villain group in GoGo Sentai Boukenger.
Ashu Tribe
Led by: Furious Demon God Gai
Generals and other Notable Members: Grand Beast Rei, Hyouga
Battled: Boukengers
Coexisted with: Dark Shadow, Gordom Civilization, Jaryuu Tribe
A representative teamed up with: Ouga
Chronological/Production Order
Dark Shadow

The Ashu Tribe (アシュ族, Ashu Zoku) was apparently an unknown branch along the human evolution line. Each Ashu has a concentration of life force, namely a "soul", which gives it particular fighting abilities. Feared and hunted down as "youkai" (demons) in ancient times due to their feline-gargoyle appearance, they were ultimately sealed within another dimension using the "100-Demon Mirror", only Gai and Hyouga remaining free. According to Mr. Voice, humans seeing the Ashu is what inspired the various monsters in myths. They first appeared in Task 17 to obtain the mirror to release their brethren.

However, only Rei was freed before the mirror was shattered to keep the others from entering the human world. Eiji Takaoka, as a member of the Takaoka clan, has been fighting this group even before joining the SGS. After their first defeat at hands of the Boukengers, Arch Priest Gajah uses his power to bind Gai's and Rei's souls to the world long enough to install his Gordom Engines into them.

With the Gordom Engines in them, Gai & Rei formed new bodies for themselves and became Questers (クエスター, Kuesutā), robotic-armored versions of themselves.


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